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The Applewood PROBUS Oenophiles

“Oenophile , a person who enjoys wines, usually as a connoisseur.”

For further information or questions please contact Wine Convener - Michael Preston
Wine Tasting


5  Henry Of Pelham Baco Noir VQA 13%   LCBO #270626  $15.95
6  Pelee Island Cabernet Franc VQA 12.7%  LCBO#:433714  $13.95
4  Melini Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG   14.0% LCBO #478819  $21.00
3  Château de Vaugelas Le Prieuré Corbières 2019 13.5% VINTAGES 154617 $15.95

2  Featherstone Canadian Oak Chardonnay 2019  13.0% VINTAGES#:149302  $22.95
1  Henri Bourgeois Petit Bourgeois Sauvignon Blanc 12.5% VINTAGES#: 672345 $17.95

1  Camembert
2  Spanish Fresh
3  Asiago Zanetti
4  Montasio
5  M. Gustav Gouda Jalapeno

Group 5 Meet on Thursday July 29, 2022 for a summer tasting.  The weather was fine (maybe a bit warm) so we were able to sit outside.

We had 6 wines which we rated on their own.  We then rated each wine with a cheese.  We found that the cheese didn’t really improve the taste of the wine.  If there was any effect it seemed to be a negative on the wine. With one exception (wine 3) the wine reduced the rating of the wine.  Wine 3 was also the wine that scored last in the tasting.

NO Conclusions were reached..

Question: What was the first toy to be advertised on television?

Probus Wine Tasting Group 2 has continued to meet virtually, throughout the Pandemic. As a result of being online, the tastings did not follow the usual formal tasting process. At January’s meeting, each participant chose his own red wine to “taste” and “sip” during our conversations, jokes, and storytelling. Similarly, for February’s meet, whites were tested. We added a15 question “trivia” questionnaire to the mix, which promoted more laughter as well as an “educational” component. Half of the questions were based on wine and the others on general knowledge. Peter Crawford was our winner. With a score of 5 out of 15 correct.

Virtual meetings seem to be appreciated but we all can’t wait to be person to person.

Answer: Mr. Potato Head

Mark Inkster

Wines were tasted from various wine regions of Italy.

Pinot Grigios from the region of Venezie: Lumina by Ruffino, $13.95 (#589101);  Masi Masianco, $17.05  (#620773)

Chianti from the region of Tuscani: Cecchi Chianti by Cecchi, $14.80 (#490144); Melini Chianti Classico Reserva, $17.00.(#487819)

Valpolicella from the region of Vento: Zonin Valpolicella Classico, $12.80 (#475145): Villa Annaberta, Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, $18.15 (#378091)

From the Region of Sicily: Cusumano Nero D'Avola Terre, Siciliane IGT, $12.80 (#143164)

From the region of Piedmont: Maraia Barbera del Monferrato by Marchesi di Barolo $19.95 (V#748277).

From the region of Puglia: Luccarelli Negroamaro IGT, $8.80 (#380972)

As always there wasn't an uncomplimentary comment on any of the wines (except maybe the price).

We had some heavy discussions re "the vaccine" roll out but it was quickly mellowed by a trivia quiz.


Mike Preston
Probus Winetasting Group 3 met on November 10, hosted by Doug Gilpin.
The theme was French red wines, including wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, and Languedoc-Roussillon. The theme was introduced by the playing of La Marseillaise.
The six wines were, in order of preference of the group, as follows:
Maison les Alexandrin Croz-Hermitage 2018, a Syrah from the Rhone region. $33.95
Chateau du Grand Caumont 2019, a blend of Grenache and Syrah from Languedoc-Roussillon. $13.95
Domaine la Rougeant 2016, a blend of Syrah and Grenache, from Languedoc-Roussillon. $18.95.
Chateau le Temple 2015, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, from Bordeaux. $28.95
Mission de Picpus Malbec 2018, a blend of Malbec and Merlot from Cahors in Southwest France. $17.95.
Domaine Dubost Beaujolais-Village 2019, a Gamay wine, from Burgundy. $14.95.
To many of us, the full-bodied nature of these wines was surprising, and very enjoyable. The assistance of a knowledgeable LCBO staff member was much appreciated.
The #2 Wine Group met indoors and in person for the first time in almost two years. It was a special occasion!
Peter Crawford was the host at his home with eight fellow wine aficionado's.

We selected six different wines from three continents. Each country had two wines from the same vineyard, with one being higher priced. The wines being tasted were Chianti from Italy, Cabernet Sauvignon from California and Shiraz from Australia. The prices ranged from $10.95 to $34.95.

Our objective, apart from great social interaction and conversation, was to determine if price made a difference in our choice of wine.

The overall winner was the Beringer Founders Cabernet Sauvinon priced at $16.95. LCBO 534263.

A good time was had by all! Our next meeting will be  January 26th 2022.


Group 2 met virtually on Jan. 27th. The theme was Zinfandels. I thought it was amazing that there wasn’t any duplication of the wines presented.
The “Zins” that were present are:

Ghost Pines Winemaker’s Blend, 2018, E&J Gallo Winery, California, V#629373 @ $24.95

Ravenswood Vintners Blend, Old Vine, 2015, California, #359257 @$18.45

Carnivor, Carnivor Wines, Lodi, California, #569905, @$17.95

Paris Valley Road, 2017, California, V#535377 @ $18.95

Beringer Main & Vine, WHITE Zinfandel, #239756 @$10.95

McMannis, 2020, Lodi, California, V#256735, @ $21.95

Bollina Zenas Primitivo, 2018, Puglia, Italy, V#13629 @$17 (apparently no longer available)

Every one enjoyed and recommended their choice of “Zin”. Conversation was busy and cheerful. We’re looking forward to “clinking” glasses.
May be next month?
Mike Preston

We held our wine tasting at the home of Mike Preston. The theme of this tasting was Malbecs from the region of Mendoza Argentina
It was great to meet in person again . Conversations touched on all the major news lines, house prices, family get togethers, get aways (or not), cottages to name a few. After 3 hrs we called it quits but not because of horse voices.
The wines tasted, varied in the price range of $13 - $23. Click here for thje results

Mike Preston

Don Steen hosted our wine tasting on April 13th and selected three primary red varietals … Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with two bottles from each type. Our nine tasters were challenged with the different characteristics of each type but certainly rose to this rating dilemma. The results of their tastings were as follows: (in rated order)

    Ghost Pines Merlot 2019 California $21.95
    Merlot H3 2018 Washington $19.95
    Cabernet Sauvignon 1865 Chile  2020  $19.95
    Cabernet Sauvignon Freakshow (Michael David) California $28.95
    Pinot Noir Tawse Niagara  2020 $23.95
    Pinot Noir Erath Oregon 2020 $21.95

As you can see the Merlots were favoured but closely followed by the two Cabernet wines and last but not least the Pinot Noirs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed getting together in person with spirited conversation and fellowship.
Today we tasted 6 Pinot Noir, 3 from a warm climate (Southern France and 2 from California) and 3 from a cool climate (Pelee Island,Chile & northern France)

The warmer climate grapes ripen quicker so have higher natural sugars hence higher alcohol levels and often described as full flavoured or rich
The cool climate grapes ripen slower resulting in lower natural sugars and higher acidity. the wine is often described as being more subtle but with more tart flavours
After much discussion, manly politics and other world events, the consensus was that:

the warm weather  Meiomi Pinot Noir from California was the best ($20.95 LBCO code 00130138)

Number 2 choice was
Cool Climate J.P. Chenet Pinot Noir Reserve from  southern France
$14.40 LCBO code 142406
Wines were tasted from various wine regions of Italy.

Pinot Grigios from the region of Venezie: Lumina by Ruffino, $13.95 (#589101);  Masi Masianco, $17.05 (#620773)

Chianti from the region of Tuscani: Cecchi Chianti by Cecchi, $14.80 (#490144); Melini Chianti Classico Reserva, $17.00.(#487819)

Valpolicella from the region of Vento: Zonin Valpolicella Classico, $12.80 (#475145): Villa Annaberta, Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, $18.15 (#378091)

From the Region of Sicily: Cusumano Nero D'Avola Terre, Siciliane IGT, $12.80 (#143164)

From the region of Piedmont: Maraia Barbera del Monferrato by Marchesi di Barolo $19.95 (V#748277).

From the region of Puglia: Luccarelli Negroamaro IGT, $8.80 (#380972)

As always there wasn't an uncomplimentary comment on any of the wines (except maybe the price).

We had some heavy discussions re "the vaccine" roll out but it was quickly mellowed by a trivia quiz.


Mike Preston

Paul Walters provided the wines for a wonderful time at the Paget's Cedar Springs retreat. The group was most appreciative of the fabulous venue and the great hosting by Judy and Neil.

The theme was Syrah/Shiraz wines from different countries. The results of their tastings were as follows:

             1. Chocolat Factory Shiraz,2020, Australia $19.95
             2. Crozes Hermitage Syrah,2012, France $24.95
             3. Corralillo San Antonio Syrah/Shiraz, Chile $21.95
             4. Creekside Syrah/Shiraz, VQA,Canada $15.95
             5. Fram Syrah/Shiraz, Swartland, South Africa $18.75
             6. Fusion Shiraz/Melbec, Argentina, $9.50

Some of us remembered when Fuzion was introduced as an early Argentinian wine. The taste hasn't improved and it ranked 6th. However, the price is right.   

The conversation was lively and the good fellowship and camaraderie enjoyed by all.

Paul Walters

The Mystery Wine Tasting Event

Alan Lytle hosted the first post-pandemic gathering of our group in his garden. He presented the group
with 6 wrapped bottles and asked us to identify the common theme. After faithfully sniffing, swirling,
tasting, gulping, holding up to the light and adding appropriate comments, scoring, none of us got the
right answer!!

Many of us are familiar with the wine buying adage to buy wines rated 90+ and priced around $20. And
this Mystery wine selection was based on a Toronto Star article from March 2022. where Alan presented
6 different red wines that had a rating of 90+ but were priced under $10.
The wines were:

1. Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon, USA, $9.95. LCBO#:552505
2. Luccarelli-Negroamora, Italy, $9.95. LCBO#:380972
3. Gato Negro Pinot Noir, Chile, $10.00. LCBO#:638254
4. JP Azeitao Red, Portugal, $9.45. LCBO# 286195
5. Oggi Botter Primitivo, Italy, $10.00. LCBO# 86421
6. Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, Chile, $9.00. LCBO# 245282

… and the resulting comments were that we had no idea that wines at this price were eminently
drinkable and interesting … in the main.

Toronto Star article:

Marcus Miller

Mike Read was the photographer.


 Wine Only

  Rate Cheese with Wine



















































Cheese Avg






They came, they drank, they ate and staggered out in a cloud of dust.
By the time I found my camera all that was around were 6 nearly empty bottles.
A very pleasant day to enjoy a wine tasting outdoors by eight members. A new member, Mel Grimes, joined our group to experience a Probus wine tasting session.
A list of wines tasted is attached, all from Ontario with 3 being white and 3 being red.
Group ratings:
White: #1 - 1, #2 - 2, #3 - 3
Red:    #4 - 3, #5 - 2, #6 - 1

Host: J R Mark

Group 2 wine tasters met last week to enjoy a selection of fine wine, great cheeses and spirited conversations on world affairs.
The wines were red blends from France, both Bordeaux and Cotes du Rhone regions. Each was assessed on appearance, aroma, taste and overall impression. The prices ranged from $13 to $18. The group selected Chateau de Courteillac Bordeaux as the overall winner.
The cheeses were from France, England and Wales.
The discussions ranged from our health system, the looming recession and Canadian politics. Most importantly it was great opportunity to meet with good friends and share our common interests.

Peter Crawford
Today, in hot, muggy weather, group 5 held an outdoor wine tasting in Joe Reid’s backyard of the following eclectic mix of five reds, with no emphasis on a single varietal or region of the world. To end the session, we tasted a Doppio Primitivo Rose, listed at the LCBO under # 23760 for $10.95. The LCBO is featuring a large number of roses at the present time.

Also present were Garry Jenkins, John Mark, Don Taylor, David Stubbert and Don Hare. Our challenge was to rate each red and to also determine which camouflaged bottle was which. The following information was given to each in advance. Garry and Joe got 3 right, John got 2, and the others, who will not be named, got zero.

1) La Maldita Granacha 2020 - This Spanish grenache lists for $14.50 at thet LCBO (# 22617). It is
described as extra dry (2 g), medium-bodied and fruity. Globe &Mail rated it an 88, and LB
Litner’s “favourite” wine writer for The Toronto Star, Carolyn Evans Hammond, rated it a 91.
Group score- 86.8

2) Gerard Bertrand AN806 2018 Corbierg - This French wine was a Vintages selection (# 39428) listed
at $17.95. It was rated as a 90 by the G&M, and a 91 by Natalie Maclean. It is a full-bodied blend
of grenache, syrah and moverde. It is dry (4 g), and described as supple and smooth on the palate,
with flavours of dark, ripe fruit.
Group score- 89.0

3) Passo del Sud Appassimento - This Italian red from the Puglia region lists at the LCBO (# 52054)
for $12.00. The Star lady raved over its quality at this low price, and rated it as a 96! She described
this semi-dry wine (at 16 g, perhaps semi-sweet?) as smooth and full-bodied. It is a blend of
primitivo and negroamaro grapes.
Group score- 86.7

4) Abad Dom Bueno Cimbella Mencia 2018 Berzo - This is a Vintages (# 29189) product from Spain,
and lists for $16.95. It is described as being full-bodied, tight and focused, with a lovely balance. It
is extra-dry (2 g), and the varietel is bencia (which I have not heard of before). It was rated a 93 by
James Suckling.
Group score- 91.1

5) Frisky Zebras Game Ranger Reserve Seductive Shiraz - With a name that long, the bottle
containing this South African shiraz may not have enough room for any frisky zebras on its label!
At an LCBO (# 237644) list price of $10.90, it is the LCBO’s best selling South African shiraz.

Again, our Star gal loves it for the price and rated it at 92. In her ever-flowery descriptors, she says
it has “generous fruit flavour of blackberries and cherries, with smooth, creamy dark chocolate and
a lingering peppery finish.” No taste of chocolate was detected by anyone present.
Group score- 85.7

The rose was rated by the group at 88.7.

Mike Read photography

It was a beautiful afternoon in Sept. when Group 3 met in the back yard of Marty Wanat.  Marty chose 3 Old World reds to compare with 3 New World reds. The wines were from Italy, France, Spain, Australia, California and Ontario. The group enjoyed all the wines with the scoring being very close except for the Ontario Wine being the lest favourite.

Wines in order of ranking:

1 Gerard Bertrand Languedoc France LCBO      #413237
2 Kilikanoon Shiraz Killermans Run Australia
    LCBO #925453
3 Beronia Reservation Spain LCBO #50203
4 Famiglai Castellani Sangiovese 2018 LCBO
    # 14374
5 Lapis Luna 2020 Zinfandel California      
    LCBO # 17264
6 The Conspiracy Foreign Affair LCBO

Marty Wanat
Five of us and guest, Jim Gola, enjoyed a leisurely rainy afternoon on Oct 26.

We sampled Australian wines:  Several Cab Sauvs and one Shiraz. 

Overall the favourite was #6, with the inexpensive Shiraz #5 a close second, though all the wines were deemed "good" by those present.


Wakefield Promised Land Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 Medium ruby; floral, cassis and cedar aromas; these reappear on the palate along with black cherry and a hint of juniper on the smooth finish. $14.95

Victoria Park Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 This deeply-coloured wine hails from South Australia, and takes its name from a park honouring Princess Victoria, before she became Queen. Expect the fruit character of warm climate cabernet sauvignon; prune and floral aromas and flavours, with notes of smoke, mint and black olive. Pair with grilled burgers or ribs. $14.95

Zonte's Footstep Blackberry Patch Cabernet 2019  Bright, purple wine, Joven in style with a lifted estery spicy raspberry bouquet and a light, nicely textured, palate lifted with dark fruit flavours. Score - 96. (Winestate, July/Aug. 2021) $19.95

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz/Cabernet 2019 First crafted in 1976, this classic Australian blend of Shiraz and Cabernet has always been a favourite. Supple and concentrated, with toast, cedar, black plum, vanilla and herbal tones, it's a wine with broad appeal. It will be superb with pepper steak or grilled ribs. $17.45

McGuigan Black Label Shiraz 2021 Black cherry red colour; lifted aromas of red berry and fruit, touches of mint, toast and blood orange; dry, medium bodied, rich and rounded with ripe red berry and fruit, hints of herbs and a soft pleasant finish. $9,95

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 Attention to detail creates the quality and consistency that Wolf Blass wines are known for. Yellow Label Cab is made with fruit from Australia's Langhorne Creek and McLaren Vale regions. Enjoy flavours of coffee, smoky oak, black plum along with floral and wild honey notes. A superb pairing for roast lamb with rosemary. $18.00

The November Winetasting for Group 3 was hosted by Doug Gilpin on November 9, 2022. The theme was red wines from South America. These included Malbec, Carmenere, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and a blend of South American wines.

The results, to us, were surprisingly agreeable. The wines, in the refined judgment of the group, were ranked in order of preference, as follows:

1. Zuccardi Malbec 2020, $20.95, from Argentina.
2. Montes Alpha Carmenere, $20.95, from Chile
3. Linajes Tempranillo, $19.95. I later discovered that this wine, from the Chilean area of Vintages, is actually from Spain. It was a very nice result from my error.
4. Cono Sur El Triangulo 20 Barrels Pinot Noir, $29.95, from Chile.
5. Casas del Toqui TerroirSelection Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvugnon, $19.95, from Chile
6. Monasterio de las Vinas Gran Reserva, $20.95, from Chile.

Doug Gilpin
Group 2 met on Thursday, November 23 at the Grenadier Retirement residence in Bloor West Village. 
The event was hosted by Bob Weese, in a lovely Penthouse room with large windows overlooking the

Bob chose 6 Pinot Noir wines for the group to taste and to rate.  Pinot Noir originated in Burgundy but is
now produced in many countries.  The wines are generally medium bodied with predominant flavours of
cherries and red berries.  Pinot Noir grapes prefer cool climates and do very well in Ontario because of
the climate, soil, and geography.  Pinots are difficult to work with in the field and in the winery. The thin-
skinned grapes are sensitive to extremes of temperature and the tightly clustered bunches make them
prone to disease.  They are referred to as the “heartbreak grape” and the wines command relatively
higher prices.

The wines tasted were:
From Burgundy – Louis Jadot, 12.5% alcohol, LCBO #162073, price $30.95
From Ontario -- Flat Rock Cellars, 13% alcohol, LCBO #1545, price $22.95
From Oregon – Sokol Blosser, 13.5% alcohol, LCBO #748434, price $39.95
From Chile – Montes, 14% alcohol, LCBO #37937, price $15.95
From New Zealand – Marlborough, 13.5% alcohol, LCBO #25806, price $21.95
From California -- Rodney Strong, 13.9% alcohol, LCBO #954834, price $26.95

Individual ratings varied somewhat, but everyone agreed that the wines were all very pleasant. Despite
the different countries, producers, and prices, the group was struck by the similarities in the wines and
the huge price differentials.  The aggregate of the 9 scores varied from a high of 127 (the Burgundy,
ranked first) to a low of 112 (New Zealand, ranked last) and the prices went from a high of $39.95
(Oregon, ranked fifth) to a low of $15.95 (Chile, ranked third).
The wines were accompanied by 4 terrific cheeses from the Cheese Boutique -- a brie from France, a
red Leicester from the U.K., a gouda from the Netherlands, and a cheddar-style from Ontario.
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