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                                                                                   HIGH PARK BREWERY - 939 RUNNYMEDE RD. TORONTO

High Park Brewery was started by 4 hockey buddies with a passion for
beer and was founded with the principles of inclusion, sustainability and community involvement in 2015. In 2021, they brought Lost Craft Brewery into the collaboration. They have a common brewmaster and are producing a wide variety of styles under both brand names. As an expression of their community involvement, some of the profits of one of their brews goes to support the High Park Zoo. They are the only Toronto brewery to be designated a Certified Benefit Corporation.

They were prepping for a wedding in one of their tasting rooms (the one
with the table tennis and foosball games) and the spacious covered and heated outdoor patio was not inviting because of the dampness of the day so we were welcomed in their primary tap and tasting room where we were treated to a flight of 4 beers and an overwhelming amount of hot, delicious treats ( two kinds of beautiful flatbreads, tasty chicken wings, french fries and seductive grilled brussels sprouts). I’m fairly certain that none of the group was hungry for dinner that evening. Each of the participants took home a can any beer of their choice.
The wife of one of the owners, Margaret, took us through a tasting of the following beers: Revivale Lagered Ale (light and crisp), Winter Warmer Brown, (smooth and tasty), Peacock Czech Pilsner ( clean and mildly spicy) and Neapolitan Ice Cream Stout (full, sweet and rich). The imbibers present enjoyed the tasted beers in the following order:

         Neapolitan Ice Cream Stout - ABV 6, IBU 23
         Winter Warmer Brown - ABV - 7, IBU 10
         Peacock Czech Pilsner - ABV 4.6, IBU 23
         Revivale Lagered Ale - ABV 4.9, IBU 19

April 2022 Meeting
August  2022 Meeting
August 22
It didn’t rain, so we poured….. The forecast was thunder showers all afternoon but that couldn’t stop our intrepid beer tasting group. We set up
in Joe Reid’s backyard and away we went. Joe expertly BBQ’d the sausages and supplied the sides to pair with our seven Niagara and
cottage country beers. The beers are listed below in the order of preference:

1. Biere de Garde - Oast Brewing Co., Niagara on the Lake
2. Q Amber Lager - Sawdust City Brewing Co., Gravenhurst
3. Breakfast Wheat - Silversmith Brewing Co., Virgil
4. Avoir la Peche - Oast, NOTL TIED
5. White Tulip Wheat Beer - Sawdust City TIED
6. Kraslice Dark Lager - Sawdust City
7. Campfire Rye Ale - Boshkung Brewing Co., Carnarvon

We are hoping to do another backyard event before the weather turns cold.Since this one sold out within minutes, it is advised that you get your
money in fast for the next one.

David Litner
John Mark
November 2022 Meeting
Applewood Probians met at Nicklebrook's craft beer facility on The Queensway in Etobicoke.
This is now their primary brewing location.

David Litner introduced the owner who welcomed us and brought in his brewmaster to describe each of the 6 beers in our tasting.

We tasted 6 beers ranging from light crisp lagers, continuing through tasty Oktoberfest and mildly hoppy IPA and finishing with two distinctive stouts.  One aged in Bourbon barrels and one aged in Pinot Noir barrels that gave it a somewhat funky flavour.  Both were very smooth but deadly at over 11% in ABV. 

A chucuterie board was available to the group just in case the beer sipping brought on hunger pains. After our group passed by, only 2 grapes and a broken cracker remained.

During the tasting David conducted a trivia contest for prizes of beer to a few lucky winners. This contest resulted in much howls of laughter and jeering at our beloved contest leader. All in fun!

At the conclusion all attendees were invited to take home a can of beer of their choice.

This concludes our Craft Beer tasting events of 2022 and next year the Beer Team is planning for more exciting spots to visit. Stay tuned for the 2023 season.

David & John

July 05, 2023 Gathering
Wednesday JULY 5 was a lazy, hot, humid, muggy day; just perfect for an Applewood Craft Beer Group tasting and backyard BBQ.  JOE REID’S backyard provided the consummate amount of shade.  Eleven of us (a reasonably small turnout) tasted a variety of beers, many of them uncharacteristically dark (sorry GARRY) given the season.  The beers (personally sourced by JOHN MARK and YOURS TRULY) were from Caledon Hills Brewery in Palgrave and GoodLot Farmstead Brewery, northeast of Alton.  The beers were accompanied by giant sausages on crispy baguette, masterfully grilled by JOHN MARK, as well as potato salad, sauerkraut, and a delicious bean salad, prepared by JOE….and OH!!!! those tarts for dessert. YOURS TRULY provided the beer commentary and the requisite trivia quiz.
Here is what we tasted, in order of preference:

--  GoodLot Country Dark (rich, toasty, malt forward)
--  GoodLot Nit Wit (Belgian wheat beer with coriander and orange peel)--
--  Caledon Hills Summer Solstice (light, subtle fruitiness)--Caledon Hills Lagered Oatmeal Stout (nutty, fruity, Smooth with some hop bitterness)
--  GoodLot Hop Bin Black (hoppy, hoppy, hoppy West coast IPA)
--  Goodlot Top of the Morning (toasty, roasty, in your face Irish stout)

David Litner

Craft Beer