The PROBUS Club of Applewood
in Mississauga
Past Events

                            Report - Royal Botanical Gardens Tour

                                                  June 1, 2022

The RBG tour was attended by 12 in total, although 10 others could not attend due to issues that arose the day before.
The rain held off and made for a good day at the rock gardens. The tour directors pointed out the history of the site and
the many trees and shrubs that are not found elsewhere in Ontario. After, people were free to visit other areas of the
garden site.

The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day is a yearly function, with our Applewood Probus Club. This  
year, again, the luncheon was held at the historic Glen Erin Inn.
The event is a chance to celebrate, and to recognize our ladies, in a special way.
Kent Newell

As covid restrictions softened 24 couples enjoyed a delicious lunch at the GlenErin
Inn on Monday, February 14 in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Everyone seemed
to enjoy the food and the atmosphere for our sixth time at this venue. Organizer
Don Taylor welcomed all attendees, then called upon John Bray to say grace.
Tom McAuliffe thanked all the members of the Events organizing team for their
hard work in spite of Covid restrictions during the planning stages. John Mark
then held an entertaining Valentine’s trivia contest won by the
members of Table 2. Table 1 came in second after a hard fought runoff battle with
table 3. A few cries of foul were heard claiming the questions were very hard but
these were totally ignored by the trivia master.
Valentine's Lunch Report
February 14, 2022