The PROBUS Club of Applewood
President's Message


It’s September and time for our Annual General Meeting. September is also the month we kick-off a new season of Probus Activities, Events and Speakers. And most importantly, it is the month for the peaceful transition of presidential powers.

The Management Committee has prepared a full agenda for the AGM. The AGM will feature a slide show of activities and events for the past 12 months, thanks to Doug Johnston. We will remember members who have passed, and also celebrate the array of past Speakers, Activities and Events. Our membership drive paid off, and the Club welcomed 16 new members this year, thank you everyone for introducing them. At this year’s AGM, we will bring back the old tradition of the Probus Presidential Tie. Dave Irwin contributed his Probus President’s tie, and it will be presented and passed onto subsequent leaders. And finally, we look forward to our largest ever annual BBQ lunch at PCYC.

I want to thank the 2022/23 Management Team for their efforts and friendships that made my term as President easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. I also acknowledge and thank the many volunteers who keep our Club vibrant and running smoothly. Finally, I would like to thank all of you for the support and encouragement you gave me in my term as President of Applewood Probus.

I look forward to our new President, Paul Taylor, taking the reins, and wish him success.

Marcus Miller





Marcus Miller
Club President
September 2023