President's Message
                    April 2024

Paul Taylor
Club President

Last month I wrote that if a consortium of furry rodents were to be believed we were in for an early spring. Do not trust furry rodents to predict the weather!

For those of you who missed it, last Tuesday was National Spinach Day. I’m sure that those of you who are observant sang choruses of Popeye the Sailor Man and enjoyed quiche.

Special Days to look forward to in April include: April 1 Sourdough Bread Day; April 5 National Deep Dish Pizza Day; April 14 International Moment of Laughter Day; April 23 National Talk Like Shakespeare Day; and April 29 International Dance Day. Probus being an international organization has a whole month, it’s October, commencing with Probus Day on October 1. Hope you enjoy some or all of the special days.

More seriously Probus National will be holding its AGM via Zoom on April 26. Each club is allowed to send one representative (bylaws direct that it be the incumbent president or designate). I plan to attend as the club’s representative. If a club sends a rep they are entitled to a vote, absent a rep Probus National has an automatic proxy.

In the aftermath of Covid, Probus National has become increasingly active; recently there has been a push to insure that each district has a representative (our recently elected representative for District 3 is Allan Evans of the Cooksville Club who takes office after the AGM). It remains to be seen as to where this is all leading. Will there be a push, for example, to have district, provincial or national conventions. Will there be a movement to acquire affinity benefits for members (some organizations offer discounts on everything from hearing aids, to car rentals to funerals)?

I’ll keep you posted on any developments. In the interim feel free to reach out to me either directly or via email with your thoughts on the role of Probus National, Provincial, District or Local.

Paul Taylor