The PROBUS Club of Applewood
in Mississauga
President's Message

As I sit here thinking about what I will chat with you about this month, it suddenly occurred to me that our monthly General meeting will be held on Remembrance Day.  It is befitting that our speaker, which is about Mississauga’s heritage, will touch on the impact WW II had on our city, but I am also reminded that one of the last trips I took before Covid, was to visit the Canadian sites of the Great War – the War to end all wars…..


As you know, I am an Immigrant to Canada some 45 years ago, but have developed a deep sense of gratitude for the lives lost and the price these men and women paid to allow us to have the life we now enjoy, and some take for granted.  I do not, and my visit to Belgium only made my gratitude deeper. I took this picture at one of the more famous sites in Belgium, the St Julien Memorial. to see more pictures and a write up of the St. Julien Canadian Memorial CLICK HERE.

November President’s Message
Jim Carmichael
Club President
As our experience with Covid improves, some of us plan to travel again.  I certainly do as I have come to the conclusion that this virus will perhaps be with us in one form or another for a very long time.  I plan to be prudent but having seen the top of the mount and making my way down the windward side, I am not prepared to further my patience.  I hope my travels in the future will afford me many more opportunities to see the wonders of this world and the people that came before me.

Our Management Team is actively working on ways that will allow those that are comfortable, to rejoin their Probus friends in person.  More news as they arise.

Until we see each other next, I wish you good health.

The comments and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author and not of Probus Canada or the Applewood Chapter – (courtesy of the Probus Legal department)