President's Message
                    July 2024

Paul Taylor
Club President

Like many of you I enjoy watching sports, it’s a pleasant diversion from what can sometimes be a depressing world of reality. Two recent events caught my eye, the Oilers quixotic quest for the Cup, only to fall short by two goals, it’s now 31 years and counting. I suggest a National Day of Sadness, ( if it had been a Leaf’s loss, 3 days of mourning).

The other was the Croatia Italy match in the UEFA Championship, Croatia needed a win to go on. With 38 seconds left in an unusually long 8 minutes of stoppage time Italy scored to tie, sending them on and eliminating the Croats. The emotion was palpable, grown men sobbing uncontrollably prostrate on the pitch. The Italians running around the pitch with unbridled joy.

That’s the nature of sport’s tremendous highs and lows. What sets sports apart is the constant creation of hope through renewal. In a few days the NHL draft will occur, we’ll intrust teenagers to lead our teams to glory. The summer may bring a trade or two, and we’ll convince ourselves that the new fourth line winger will provide the grit to get us to the top. If it doesn’t happen, and we reach the grim realization, that really next year will be the year, spring training will have arrived and new hope as we switch our focus to the Jays.

That’s what it’s all about, the hope of a better day, a suspension of reality. In the real world wether they win or lose we still have to get up wash our faces and feed our families.

Enjoy the summer.

Paul Taylor