The PROBUS Club of Applewood
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July 7- 2022
Applewood Trail following Little Etobicoke Creek from Dundas up to Eastgate Pkwy.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze. We had five walkers. Not a lot of wildlife - robin, cardinal, gray and black squirrels.

There is no longer any construction on the trail.

A good walk!
July 21- 2022
An enjoyable walk in Streetsville on the Culham Trail along the mighty Credit river; 7 walkers took part. 

Trees along the trail provided shade from the day’s hot sun. We shortened the walk at Britannia road due to the hot weather.

We ended the morning with a picnic lunch at the riverside.
August 4 - 2022
An enjoyable walk in Glen Erin and Sawmill Creek.  9 walkers took part in the walk, plus the Calders joined in for the picnic lunch..  Trees along the trail provided shade from the day’s hot sun.  At one interesting point we had 5 cellphones  providing several different directions for our route.  Along with us, two gentlemen, who had grown up in the area, we visiting for the first time in 50 years.  They helped too.  We all found our way back.

Garnetwood Park, August 18, 2022.

We had a wonderful bright summer walk.   Our group of 8 walked along Etobicoke creek from Burhamthorpe road north towards the 401and back.  We had lunch under the trees in the park.

August 18- 2022
Sept 1 2022
Marie Curtis Park - September 1, 2022

A wonderful day for walking, sunny with a cool breeze.  Our group of 9 walked  through Colonel Samual Smith Park as far as the eastern headland and back to Marie Curtis for a picnic lunch..
Sept 15 2022
Joshua Creek Trail - Sept 15, 2022

Another beautiful walking day sunny and cool.  Autumn was in the air, with many morning dragon flies in flight.  Late season flowers like goldenrod, asters, and orange jewelweed were on display.  Sumac was in show.  We saw one coyote in the woods.  There were 9 of us on the walk.  Some had picnic lunch at nearby Lakeside park to end the walk.
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October 6 2022
We had 10 of us doing the morning walk from Joshua Creek to Lakeside Park and back.  Along the way were great views of the lake at the end of Arkendo road and a large busy wedding ceremony at the Harding waterfront estate.  After the walk we moved on to our annual walking group BBQ..  Another 8 people joined.  It was an enjoyable afternoon on that October day when rain had threatened but turned out  clear.  We announced this years WOTY awards (walker of the year) - Paul Taylor and Margot Spence.  Thanks to everyone for taking part and making the annual BBQ a success.
Special thanks to Tom McAuliffe for hosting, to Heather Walker for arranging the BBQ, to John Mark for cooking at the BBQ..
October 20 2022
Rattray Marsh - Oct 20 2022

Another cool, overcast, but comfortable walk.  Our group of 8 was eager to get underway.  We started out from Jack Darling park, followed the shoreline, and walked through Rattray park.  Trees were dropping leaves, the cobble beach was all sand that day, we checked out the bicycle tool rack, and had a dragonfly join part of our route. Rattray now has excellent new boardwalks.  We finished our walk at the Pump and Patio in Clarkson.
Marie Curtis Park - Nov 2, 2022

It's pretty clear from the photo that we had a good time. This is one of our shortest walks with very nice woodland, and a dramatic stone barrier along the path. Lots of other walkers were on the trail this day. We were all making the most of the last days of autumn.  The walking pathway underneath the QEW will be ready some time soon allowing us to extend this walk.   Lunch at Bobbys restaurant.
November 2 2022
November 17 2022
Lakefront Promenade - Nov 17, 2022

Eleven joined in for our morning walk on a comfortable sunny day, but it was clear that winter was on its way. We made the walk to the Credit river and back. 

Several joined for lunch at Bobby's.
December 1,  2022
Erindale Park - Dec 1, 2022

9 walkers for this 6 K outing.  The day started out with a cold wind and some ice on the ground.  We quickly got into the woods where the weather was much more comfortable. There were  a fair number of other groups using the trails.   Our last few outings have produced very few wildlife but this day we counted ten bird species.  Further wildlife was found at the Erin Mills Pump and Patio lunch.
December 15,  2022
Centennial Park - Dec 15, 2022

The weather was miserable for this walk so we sped into the conservatory to enjoy the flowers on display.  Poinsettia is the highlight with many shades and colours. The staff provided information on the varieties of plants and the construction of the floral displays.  Weather was still miserable so off to lunch at the Stanfield grill.
Applewood Trail- Jan 5, 2023

14 walkers for this day which included 2 grandchildren.   The day’s weather was grey but comfortable.  We followed up with lunch at  Swiss Chalet.
December 15,  2022
January 19,  2023
Marie Curtis Park - Jan 19, 2023

A cold blustery day, not well suited for walking along the lakeshore.  So we chose to walk the woodland trail from the park to the QEW and back.  We spent slightly over 1 hour doing the walk.  Then an early lunch at Bobbys Hideaway
West Deane Park - Feb 2, 2023

The walk this day began overcast, but soon the sun came out  and we had a glorious sunny day. The trail was perfect white and the temperature rose high enough to shed hats and gloves. Eleven people joined in this walk. This was such a surprise given the forecasts for the week.  We had lunch at the London gate.
February 2,  2023
February 16,  2023
Lakefront Promenade - Feb 16, 2023

The walk this day began overcast, but with no weather problem.  Just a comfortable walk along the Port Credit lakeshore to the Credit river and back. Onlyt 7 of us that day.  No lunch.
March 2,  2023
An enjoyable sunny day walking through the Rattray Park Estates, the Rattray Marsh, the Bradly Museum, and along the lakeshore at Watersedge Park.

At the Bradly Museum school children were outside around a campfire learning how maple syrup was made in earlier days.  Staff at the museum gave us an interesting talk on the impact  that climate change is having on maple syrup harvest.

We had 11 walkers that day.
March 16,  2023
Back in March 19, 2023 we planned a walk along the lakeshore from Marie Curtis park to Colonel Samual Smith .  The weather off the lake was so brutal that we changed course.    The weather  March 16, 2023  was much better, so we did the repeat walk  eastward along the lakeshore to Colonel Samual Smith Park and back.  There were a number of various interesting waterfowl along the lake and early redwing blackbirds.  More than usual numbers of  birdwatchers were around  - a hoary redpoll had been seen.   Still winter, the outdoor ice rink had plenty of skaters..

We had twelve join in for our morning walk starting at Garnetwood park trail all the way to the 401 and back.  The walkway under the 401 is now open to trails north of the highway. It sounds strange but you have to climb a hill to be able go under the highway.  The city has done a great job of brightening graffiti under the 401.

There were 2 new birds seen along the trail:  common merganser and golden crowned light.  Several of us joined for lunch at Swiss Chalet.
April 06,  2023
April 20,  2023
Update, Erindale April 20, 2023

13 walkers this day.  A sunny day, with the river at high flow.  Lunch was at the Pump and Patio.
May 04,   2023
Update, Applewood trail, May 4, 2023

With a stroke of luck we avoided the rains that had been steady that week.  Only a few puddles along the trail had to be avoided.  Lunch at Swiss Chalet.

Marty Wanat
May 11,   2023
Update, Bruekner Rhododendron gardens, May 11, 2023

The weather was sunny and cool. We had nine walkers, 7 of us made it to the gazebo on the water. At  BrueknerRhododendron gardens  were still waiting to bloom. Saw some herons, yellow finch and swans.  Five
of us had  lunch at the Port Credit Pump.
June 1  2023
Update, June 1 2023, Nine Creeks trail

A very hot day was expected so we took it easy along the Nine Creeks trail following the the power corridor eastward through to Lorne Park.  At Lorne Park Rd. we returned eastward via Birchwood Drive, and south back to Birchwood Park.  A large development is under construction at Clarkson road and near  the west Lakeshore GO  railway.  Five buildings will each provide 5 stories of high density residential homes.  Just a short walk from the Pump and Patio where we had lunch.
June 15  2023
Update, June 15, 2023, Lakefront Promenade.
Once the group was together we started up by viewing the nearby pond.  Several horned grebe families have taken up nesting and their young, who can’t yet dive for food are swimming about, keeping the parents busy.  From there we walked along the lakefront, trailing back by the residential area .  A pleasant morning walk.  We all managed to stay close together and at the same speed.  All four of us.
Lunch was at Bobby’s restaurant..

July 06  2023
Update ,Sawmill/Glenerin, July 6, 2023

A real summer’s day, hot but sheltered by the trees and creek along the trail.  Three of us took part.

Phil Walker..

August 3, 2023
Up date Aug 3, 2023, Marie Curtis Park

Seven walkers Aug 3. Wonderful weather at Marie Curtis park.  The walking trail has been extended to property north of QEW.  The area was filled with long flowering plants beside the trail.
August 17, 2023
Thank you to Marty Wanat reporting the walk August 17.  On a beautiful summer day 5 walkers set out to enjoy Rattray Marsh and the surrounding neighbourhood.  Distance was measured I steps, over 8000, and was done in record time so it was too early for lunch.
September 21, 2023
1.  Sept 21, 2023 Probus walk and BBQ.  

The day began with beautiful weather for our morning walk through the Joshua Creek park.  Twelve joined along he walking trail which runs along a ravine creek  surrounded  by tall  trees and dense undergrowth.  Black walnuts covered the trail.  We added a short walk to nearby Arkendo Drive to view Lake Ontario.  The scene was warm, bright, and calm.  It made you want to stretch out on the lawn, so one of us did.
      Next stop at noon to the McAuliffe's home for the
BBQ.   Sixteen joined in.
Thank you to Tom and Cam McAuliffe for generously hosting the event and to Heather Walker and Glenna Armour for organizing the BBQ.  Salads and deserts were provided by all the  members .  It was an enjoyable get together.

After seven years leading the walking group I'm stepping down for medical reasons.  I will  continue to join in with the group walks as best I can.

The club is looking for a new member to step up.  Consider joining.