The Applewood Probus Walking Group has been active since May 2009, and in that time more than 100 people have participated in our walks. In 2020 we surpassed the 250 mark in number of walks.

Each walk can offer you outdoor exercise, an introduction to other members, and a chance to discover various trails in the Mississauga area.  We choose groomed trails with wide paths to facilitate conversation.  Members and spouses are welcome to join each walk.  Everyone is free to walk at their own comfortable pace and distance.  It’s a great way to spend time together.

We meet at 10 am on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month of the year.  We walk on local trails and sometimes further afield.  A typical walk would be up to 7 km and about 2 hours, with 10-20 participants.  Weather permitting, we have a picnic lunch together, and otherwise find a suitable restaurant.
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July 4, 2024

May 16,  2024
Since May is one of those months with five Thursdays, this is just a reminder our next walk is on June 6th.

On May 16th, ten of the group walked the Etobicoke Creek trail north from Garnetwood Park.  It was a surprisingly warm and sunny day, so some enthusiasts did extend their efforts for a longer challenge.  Most, however, had turned back walking to their own level of comfort.

Thanks again to Doug Brien for the photos.



May 2,  2024
After a few hectic days trying to reorient ourselves to catching on garden( and other) chores in Mississauga, I’m finally getting organized.  So here is the invitation for our walk on Thursday, a very familiar one.
We will walk up Etobicoke Creek from Garnetwood Park which is located on the north side of Burnhamthorpe Rd just east of Ponytrail Dr and before Sheridan Nurseries. We will start at 10 am. This is a level walk in the 7 km range, suitable for all walkers, on a mixed path.  We’ll no doubt be able to savour the dandelions in full bloom.. We frequently have a few members who prefer a shorter or slower walk.  Anyone is free to join this option.
It looks like it will be a pleasant day, so if anyone would like to bring their picnic lunch, I’m sure we could find a space.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay for lunch.
Thanks to Marty and Frances for leading the last walk.  Here is his report:
A group of 12 walkers met at The Old Mill on May 2nd to enjoy a beautiful spring day along the Humber River.  Many of us walked about 5 km and some even continued walking up to the restaurant on Bloor. This egret was a beautiful sight.  We enjoyed lunch at The Dark Horse on the patio!!!

Hope to see you on Thursday.



April 4,  2024
Even though spring had been declared as having arrived, it was a cold wintery day for our walk on April 4th.  Our group of eleven started out at Brookmede Park and headed north on The Glen Erin/Fifth Line trail. Unfortunately, when we reached just north of Burnamthorpe, your fearless leader, obviously unable to read a map or the  iPhone app, took a wrong turn, so we were somewhat disoriented, and by this time getting wet.  The effect was that our  walk was abruptly cut short.  However, since rain had added to the wintry discomfort, the general feeling was that this truncation of our walk was not a bad thing, so we headed back to the welcoming warmth of the Abbey Road Pub.  There over a convivial lunch, we decided that the world’s problems would have to wait a couple of more weeks before we would solve them.

For our next walk, given the continuing soggy conditions, we’ll stay on a paved path, so we’ll do the waterfront trail from JC Saddington Park westward towards Jack Darling Park and check out the rhododendrons on the way.  We’ll meet in the parking lot at the foot of Mississauga Road at 10.00 a.m.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for a 40% chance of rain, but the Pump House grill is close for lunch.”

PS – As you can tell the walk on April 4th was very wet and uncomfortable, but sorry I missed you.

See you then
Doug Johnston
March 21,  2024

Our group of 16 plus one, who we almost left behind, headed out on a sunny March 7th along the Waterfront Trail, starting from Lakeview Promenade walking towards Port Credit.

As usual, some turned back before the final destination, but all seemed to enjoy the walk , judging from the lively conversation and wild gesticulations as we went along.

February 15,  2024

On February 15, 11 members headed out on a cold winter's day along the Applewood Trail following Little Etobicoke Creek.

As usual our group got somewhat spread out as the more enthusiastic (athletic?) forged ahead , so they didn't notice when a small group turned back early, but they missed the sight of the hawk surveying his territory as we rounded a corner in the trail. Thanks to the Linklaters for shepherding the group along.

BTW If you need to touch base with us on the walk, my cell is 647 234 3229

Doug Johnston

February 1,  2024

Thanks to Marty and Frances for leading the walk on February 1st along the Applewood Trail

It was good to see a large group of sixteen members taking advantage of the unusual winter temperatures, and as usual several world problems were solved along the way! 

Doug Johnston

January 18,  2024

On January 18th 11 members headed out on a cold winter's day, heading eastward from Marie Curtis Park.  Although several members chose to shorten their walk, (it was certainly brisk and invigorating - and cold!), the company and discussions along the way were great and was enjoyed by all.


January 4,  2024

On January 4th, a group of 11(+2) headed out on a cold winter's day for a walk westward from J. C. Saddington Park along the Waterfront Trail, through the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens, and onwards to Richards Memorial Park

The day was bright and sunny which lifted the spirits of the walkers after the grey days of the Christmas Holidays.  On the return trip an additional two members joined the group. They apparently had started at the wrong end of the walk instructions.

To celebrate the first challenge of 2024, several members retired to the Pump House Grille for refreshments. 

Thanks to Doug B. and Frances for the photos.

December 21,  2023

On Dec 21, the group convened at the Etobicoke Conservatory, but before enjoying the warmth and poinsettia displays headed out into the chilly wind to walk the Elmcrest Creek Trail

Some hardier members continued on after the majority returned to the beckoning warmth.  After admiring to colourful displays several retired to the local pub to toast each with Christmas wishes.

On Nov16, a small group of seven walkers headed west from Marie Curtis Park along the Waterfront Trail.  The weather was a truly wonderful bright fall day, with the tree colours exploding as we traced the trail towards up to Lakeshore Road and towards the huge Lakeview Development.  No question that this will change Mississauga's waterfront as we noticed construction of new headlands and parkland along the route.  A pleasant wander, but unfortunately, we couldn't solve all the world's problems with the lively discussions along the way.
November 16, 2023

In Nov16, a small group of seven walkers headed west from Marie Curtis Park along the Waterfront Trail. 

The weather was a truly wonderful bright fall day, with the tree colours exploding as we traced the trail towards up to Lakeshore Road and towards the huge Lakeview Development. 

No question that this will change Mississauga's waterfront as we noticed construction of new headlands and parkland along the route.  A pleasant wander, but unfortunately, we couldn't solve all the world's problems with the lively discussions along the way.

Doug Johnson
November 2, 2023

What started as a small group of six eager walkers expanded to nine with addition of some tardy members, although we missed some regulars because of recent COVID attacks (or other diversions).  We started at Garnet Wood Park and then followed the Etobicoke Trail on a pleasant fall morning, which turned quite warm and sunny after we had travelled a few kilometers. 

A few turned back to achieve the obligatory 5k but others with more determination (and energy) continued to explore further.
October 19,  2023

Six energetic walkers went in search of migrating salmon along the Credit River in Erindale Park on a cool October day.

While only shadows were seen in the river the glorious autumn colours buoyed our spirits and tempo. 

Several of the group returned to Chuck's Roadhouse at the local mall for lunch.
September 31, 2023

The day began with beautiful weather for our morning walk through the Joshua Creek Park.  Twelve joined along he walking trail which runs along a ravine creek  surrounded  by tall  trees and dense undergrowth.  Black walnuts covered the trail.  We added a short walk to nearby Arkendo Drive to view Lake Ontario. The scene was warm, bright, and calm.  It made you want to stretch out on the lawn, so one of us did.
Next stop at noon to the McAuliffe's home for the
BBQ.   Sixteen joined in.
Thank you to Tom and Cam McAuliffe for generously hosting the event and to Heather Walker and Glenna Armour for organizing the BBQ.  Salads and deserts were provided by all the  members .  It was an enjoyable get together.

After seven years leading the walking group I'm stepping down for medical reasons.  I will  continue to join in with the group walks as best I can.

The club is looking for a new member to step up.  Consider joining.
August 17, 2023

Thank you to Marty Wanat reporting the walk August 17.  On a beautiful summer day 5 walkers set out to enjoy Rattray Marsh and the surrounding neighbourhood.  Distance was measured I steps, over 8000, and was done in record time so it was too early for lunch
August 3, 2023

Seven walkers Aug 3. Wonderful weather at Marie Curtis Park.  The walking trail has been extended to property north of QEW.  The area was filled with long flowering plants beside the trail.
July 6  2023

Sawmill/Glenerin, July 6, 2023

A real summer’s day, hot but sheltered by the trees and creek along the trail.  Three of us took part.

Phil Walker

June 15  2023

June 15, 2023, Lakefront Promenade.

Once the group was together we started up by viewing the nearby pond.  Several horned grebe families have taken up nesting and their young, who can’t yet dive for food are swimming about, keeping the parents busy.  From there we walked along the lakefront, trailing back by the residential area .  A pleasant morning walk.  We all managed to stay close together and at the same speed.  All four of us.
Lunch was at Bobby’s restaurant.

June 1  2023

June 1 2023, Nine Creeks Trail

A very hot day was expected so we took it easy along the Nine Creeks trail following the the power corridor eastward through to Lorne Park.  At Lorne Park Rd. we returned eastward via Birchwood Drive, and south back to Birchwood Park.  A large development is under construction at Clarkson road and near  the west Lakeshore GO  railway.  Five buildings will each provide 5 stories of high density residential homes.  Just a short walk from the Pump and Patio where we had lunch.