The PROBUS Club of Applewood
in Mississauga
September 2 - 2021
We had a comfortably warm bright day on our walk along the Glen Erin and Sawmill Creek trails.  16 walkers took part in the 6.5 km walk..  We entered the shade of the forested areas the temperature rose.  This is the time when birds begin their southward migration and some were calling in the woods.  As well, we found someone had painted sugar bait  on one of the trees, a method often used to attract moths or other insects. We enjoyed a lunch in the shade by the church, three members joined in, and Frances provided chocolate cupcakes to celebrate the walking club’s continuation.
We had 21 people at the Erindale walk.  It was lovely late summer weather and there were quite a few other groups of people enjoying the day.  We walked 8 Km in 2 hours.  There were a few muddy sections on a portion of the main trail, but people were able to choose a variety of diversions to avoid the wet.  Salmon were in the river, we saw some being caught, and there were plenty of gulls looking for scraps.  Chipmunks and chickadees were busy in the bird feeding stations. The morning ended with a picnic lunch in the park.
September 16 - 2021
October 7- 2021
12 walkers enjoyed a cool, overcast, but comfortable walk westward from Lakeview promenade to the Credit river and back.  The walk was 7.2 km.  As usual there was plenty of home and landscape renovation underway in the area.  It was sad to see a weakened elm tree being cut down.
Another cool, overcast, but comfortable walk.  We started out from Marie Curtis park and walked eastward through a mix of residential neighbourhood and open parkland along the Lake Ontario shoreline all the way to Colonel Samual Smith park.  There was just a short sprinkling of rain on the walk back.
October 21- 2021
23 of us out for a walk along the lakefront at Jack Darling park and Rattray Marsh.We followed several side trails in the marsh to visit the pebble beach, the southern entrance into the Rattray park estates,  the western entrance into Meadowwood road, and the new walkway renovations  being  built by Credit Valley.  A great day. We had lunch at the Pump and Patio in Clarkson.

November 4 - 2021
We tried out a new route that week.  Walked from Birchwood Park northward along Clarkson road until we found the Nine Creeks trail.  From there we continued along the trail through Lorne Park to Woodeden road and back.  We walked about 6.5 K. We all had  enough energy left to walk from our starting point to the nearby Pump and Patio.  I’m sure we”ll do this walk again.

November 18 - 2021
Thanks to Ron Linklater for arranging the walk, and to Doug Brien for coming out to provide the group portrait.  18 came to walk.  We always enjoy this trail, as you can see in the photo below.  There was a Hinterland Who’s Who moment when a strangely coloured squirrel was seen along the trail.  To learn about squirrels and their many colours go to wikipedia Eastern grey squirrel. It includes a photo of a similar brown morph squirrel in New York city.  And for an interesting and entertaining read, go to and find Nation, Nature, and Nostalgia: Hinterland Who’s Who.
Lunch was at Swiss Chalet.
December 2 - 2021
Our group of 20 walkers enjoyed the Christmas outing this year visiting the Centennial Park greenhouse poinsettia display, the walk along Renforth creek, and lunch at the nearby London Gate Pub.

December 16 - 2021
January 2022
While the walking club is in limbo in January, we still have members walking out on their own.  Add a picture if you can (send to  HYPERLINK "" ).

Phil Walker - Joshua Valley , Oakville, Jan 2

Marty Wanat - Sherman falls, Ancaster,  Jan 6
February 3 2022
Erindale Park

A beautiful winter's day with fresh snow on the trees and trails, and the river frozen over in slow water, and rushing  open in the faster.  A few ducks were in the river.  Shortly after 10 am 5 of us headed out for the walk. It was very calm and quiet along the trails, and almost no wildlife was seen or heard. The whole scene was black and white.   But it all changed at the end of the trail.  Birdseed had been spread on a bench.   Cardinals, bluejays, white breasted nuthatches, dark-eyed juncos, white throated sparrows were busy eating.  Squirrels showed up too.
February 17 2022
Applewood Trail Update

Despite the ominous weather forecast for the walk, 8 of us joined the 6.3 Km walk. There was a brief period of drizzle, and a few puddles along the walkway, but we all finished the walk in good spirits.


March 3 - 2022
March 17 - 2022
Garnetwood Park

Our group of 15 walked along Etobicoke creek from Burhamthorpe road north to the 401 and back.  Some were wearing St. Patrick’s day green. We found some of winter's huge blocks of ice still scattered along side the trail, and at the same time raccoons high in a tree basking in the sunshine.  Goodbye winter, hello spring.

At the 401 a walkway has been provided giving access to trails north of the highway.

Lakefront Promenade walk

A group of 10 walked along the lakeshore from Lakefront promenade to the mouth of Credit River and back. A shortlived highlight of the trip was a coyote on the harbour dock.  Soon after we realized it was a fake decoy.
April 21 - 2022
Park Royal Mississauga/Clearview Oakville

This was a new walk and unfortunately it started out cold, damp, and windy.  We began with 7 brave walkers but eventually the number fell and ended  with just 2 left.  We will give this walk a try again in better weather.

I’d like to see some new areas for us to walk.  Each would need a parking area, a wide trail , and a length to allow a walk 1.5 to 2 hours.  We haven’t added many neighbourhood walks in the past.  If you have a walk you enjoy in your region, please let me know.
April 7 - 2022
Marie Curtis/Samual Smith Parks

Our group of 13 followed the Lake promenade (Wanat trail) eastward past the water filtration site.  At that point the group separated into routes:  one to Eleventh street, the other to the skating trail. We joined back together on the return. Airline problems were one of the topics discussed along the walk.
May 5 - 2022
Erindale Park/Mississauga

Our group of 13 enjoyed the day's beautiful weather and the early spring flowers that covered the ground. 

About three quarters into the walk we eventually came across flooded areas and had to turn back.  Some of us found a longer route back. 

Time for lunch - at the outdoor patio of the Dundas Pump and Patio, taking part in the Mexican fare since it was Cinco de Mayo.
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