The PROBUS Club of Applewood
in Mississauga
February 6 - 2020
Our group of 17 walked the Applewood trail following Little Etobicoke Creek from Dundas up to Eastgate Pkwy. The trail had been cleared.  The weather was wintry but invigorating. This is a favourite walk which we have taken often.  Our photographer for the day, Paul Moore, is missing in the day’s photo below.   Lunch was at Swiss Chalet.
February 20 - 2020
14 walkers gathered for a hike along the trails at West Deane park.  It was a cold day but a brisk walk warmed us up. The trail was fairly well cleared although there were several areas of rugged ice in parts of the walk.  In previous walks we have run across coyotes in the area but this time there was no wildlife seen at all.  Lunch was at the London Gate Pub.
With a new route to try, 18 of us headed out from Lakefront promenade toward Marie Curtis park.  We were not able to complete the walk due to ice on the trails so on our return we added a detour on the RK McMillan park  headland to make up a 5km walk..  The addition of this route plus our Jan 2 walk now provides a continuous walking trail from Breukner Gardens in West Port Credit to Colonel Samuel Smith Park at the bottom of Kipling Ave.  Lunch was at Bobby’s.
January 26 - 2020
We no longer meet together for our planned Probus walks but I’m sure many of us are still walking routinely. I’d be interested in you sharing when and where you have found places to walk, what new routes you may have discovered, and any ideas about group walking in the future.

My walks have been in the southwest of the city and limited to about 1 hour.  My latest walk of 6 km took me from the Clarkson secondary school, west through Clarkson park, and across Winston Churchill blvd to Sheridan Garden Drive in Oakville. Most of this route has open areas to the south bordering on the GO train line.  I continued over Ford drive and followed a desolate gravel road that curved  toward the railway line.  Some interesting debris there - a large pile of electrical wiring that had been split open to retrieve its copper wrapping, some of it left on the ground. This area butted up to the Ford Motor plant. Joshua creek ran nearby. Birds were active. I travelled north on a recently cleared wood chip pathway into a mature woodlot which I discovered is named Wildflower Woods. This was a delight.  The trees are very tall and the forest floor was covered with trilliums, may apples, and spring beauty.   Then westward through the Oakville residential area and back to Mississauga.
May 26 - 2020
Since it seems that the slush and mud period is arriving early, we’ll choose a hardpacked route. We will walk up Etobicoke Creek from the lakeshore at Marie Curtis Park to QEW. We will begin the walk at 10am. This route is flat and paved and shaded and the northward trail is just ~5 km roundtrip.  For those who want to extend the walk we will go westward into the Inspiration Lakeview lands trail. The weather forecast is unknown. For lunch, Busters on Lakeshore east of the park.
March 19 - 2020
The Mar 5 walk will be through Port Credit.  The walk will start at 10am from Saddington Park parking lot which is located at the bottom of Mississauga Rd. We will walk eastward along the Port Credit lakefront toward Hiawatha park and back. This is a level walk and suitable to all walkers. For lunch, the Pumphouse Grille is nearby. This day’s leader was Ron Linklater.
March 5 - 2020
August 6 - 2020
Our first Probus walk since February.  A walk from Garnetwood Park northward along Etobicoke creek to 401 and back attracted 19 walkers for a pleasant 8 km summer walk. A kingfisher was the morning’s best wildlife sighting and we ended the walk with a picnic in the shade of the park.

August 20 - 2020
An enjoyable walk in Streetsville on the Culham Trail along the mighty Credi River.  Fourteen walkers took part.  Trees along the trail provided shade from the day’s hot sun.  We ended the morning with a picnic lunch along the river.
September 3 - 2020
July - 2021
Distance        6.50 Km
Duration        1:28:29
Avg Pace      13:37 Min/Km
Steps             9387
Calories         378
A very pleasant almost autumn day for a walk along the Lakefront Promenade.  We had 20 walkers who followed 7 to 9 KM along the lakeshore in Port Credit.

Several of us stayed after the walk to enjoy a picnic lunch.
September 17 - 2020
7 walkers enjoyed our 7 Km walk (10,000 steps) on a pleasant summer’s day along the well shaded Glen Erin and Sawmill Valley Trails. Most stayed after the walk to enjoy a picnic lunch.  Wildlife - an emerald six-spotted tiger beetle was seen along the Sawmill Creek trail
Happy to hear that 17 turned out for the day’s walk and 16 stayed for lunch. It was a beautiful hot sunny day. One group walked 7.9 km and others walked around 5 km or a little less. Of nature interest was colourful caterpillars.  Thanks to Bill Armour for leading the walk and to Glenna and Doug for photos
August 5 - 2021
August 19 - 2021
An enjoyable walk in Streetsville on the Culham Trail along the mighty Credit River.  17 walkers took part.  Trees along the trail provided shade from the day’s hot sun.  Our sharp eyed group spotted a Great egret in the river. 

We ended the morning with a picnic lunch at the riverside
September 2 - 2021
We had a comfortably warm bright day on our walk along the Glen Erin and Sawmill Creek trails.  16 walkers took part in the 6.5 km walk..  We entered the shade of the forested areas the temperature rose.  This is the time when birds begin their southward migration and some were calling in the woods.  As well, we found someone had painted sugar bait  on one of the trees, a method often used to attract moths or other insects. We enjoyed a lunch in the shade by the church, three members joined in, and Frances provided chocolate cupcakes to celebrate the walking club’s continuation.
We had 21 people at the Erindale walk.  It was lovely late summer weather and there were quite a few other groups of people enjoying the day.  We walked 8 Km in 2 hours.  There were a few muddy sections on a portion of the main trail, but people were able to choose a variety of diversions to avoid the wet.  Salmon were in the river, we saw some being caught, and there were plenty of gulls looking for scraps.  Chipmunks and chickadees were busy in the bird feeding stations. The morning ended with a picnic lunch in the park.
September 16 - 2021
October 7- 2021
12 walkers enjoyed a cool, overcast, but comfortable walk westward from Lakeview promenade to the Credit river and back.  The walk was 7.2 km.  As usual there was plenty of home and landscape renovation underway in the area.  It was sad to see a weakened elm tree being cut down.
Another cool, overcast, but comfortable walk.  We started out from Marie Curtis park and walked eastward through a mix of residential neighbourhood and open parkland along the Lake Ontario shoreline all the way to Colonel Samual Smith park.  There was just a short sprinkling of rain on the walk back.
October 21- 2021
23 of us out for a walk along the lakefront at Jack Darling park and Rattray Marsh.We followed several side trails in the marsh to visit the pebble beach, the southern entrance into the Rattray park estates,  the western entrance into Meadowwood road, and the new walkway renovations  being  built by Credit Valley.  A great day. We had lunch at the Pump and Patio in Clarkson.

November 4 - 2021
We tried out a new route that week.  Walked from Birchwood Park northward along Clarkson road until we found the Nine Creeks trail.  From there we continued along the trail through Lorne Park to Woodeden road and back.  We walked about 6.5 K. We all had  enough energy left to walk from our starting point to the nearby Pump and Patio.  I’m sure we”ll do this walk again.

November 18 - 2021
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