The Movies Group meets to attend matinee shows on weekday afternoons. The convenor, Ron Linklater, selects a promising movie and sends out an email, a few days in advance, to all who have expressed an interest. Attendance is not compulsory and light refreshments may follow, if anyone is interested.

While Covid remains a concern, the Movies group has temporarily suspended its outings.  We hope to reactivate as soon as conditions warrant.  Our return to movie going initially may be on an intermittent basis.  To be advised of every planned outing you must be on our invitation email roster.  Please contact the Convenor Ron Linklater using the link provided to be added to this list.

How to submit a report
One email with pictures and reports will make it to both the newsletter and the website.
Please submit them as soon as possible.
Photos and videos from more than one member are OK.
Send to:
December 2023 - Napolean