The PROBUS Club of Applewood
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Note: New Pub Location

Chuck’s Roadhouse, which is located in West Dale Mall at 1151 Dundas Street West, Mississauga.  That’s on the northwest corner at the intersection of Dundas Street West and Erindale Station Road in Mississauga. The entrance is from the parking lot

It sure was good to see everyone and compare COVID stories.


                            June 2022

Five stalwart members of the Pub Lunch gang gathered at Symposium Cafe Restaurant for a tasty lunch on Monday June 20. 

As usual, the conversation looped through wide variety of topics from sports, to politics, to personal reminiscences and stories which everyone enjoyed sharing.  This month we were missing a couple of regulars, but an "irregular” showed up and bolstered our ranks.

Anyone interested in having an inexpensive and tasty lunch, while sharing informal conversation and good humour with fellow Probus members is welcome to join us on the third Monday of any month.  Things usually get going just before noon, and last until the final beverage is consumed.  The restaurant is never crowded at this time, the service is prompt, an a friendly reception awaits you.  Come and join us

                   December 2022

Don Hendry won the Ugliest Christmas Sweater award as judged by the restaurant staff.
                   November 2022

For its November gathering, the Pub Lunch crew met for the first time at its new location - Chuck’s Roadhouse in West Dale Mall at 1151 Dundas West.  Sixteen curious members arrived and each was greeted at the door (no less!) by our new Convenor, Bob Martin. 

We were offered a variety of delicious foods and beverages by the friendly and efficient waiter Roshanie (pictured). Many tried and judged the $8 burger and fries special to be an excellent choice.  With the beer “retro” priced at $4, all were delighted with their overall dining experience.

Among those attending were plenty of Pub Lunch regulars, and a few oldies venturing back after a Covid hiatus, all welcoming no less than three brand-new Probus members.  With everyone seated at one long table, the multiple conversations and joviality could best be summarized as “raucous”, reminding us that events like this are Probus at its best: old friends meeting new, and everyone sharing a really good time.

Come and join us for our next (pre-Christmas) Pub Lunch, again at Chuck’s Roadhouse on Monday, December 19th at noon.

The wearing of a Santa outfit, or at least a Santa accessory is not mandatory but is encouraged. 

January 2023
February 2023

The Pub Lunch group met on
February 20th. It was trivia day.
A good time was had by all.

No prizes for the winners, just
bragging rights.

March 2023

We had fun. To
celebrate St. Patrick’s    
Day, a number from the
group recited Irish
stories and limericks.
The limericks were
enjoyed by all.

The runner-up limerick
is as follows:

“There once was an old
man of Esser,

Whose knowledge grew
lesser and lesser,

It at last grew so small

He knew nothing at all

And now he’s a college

The winner, and the
best, is an original from
the pen of Joe Reid,
and it goes like this:

There once was a lad
called Bob Martin,

Who was famous in
school for his fartin’.

In chemistry class, he’d
pass so much gas,

That so very soon, from
that very room,

His classmates, they
soon were departin’.

Joe, you missed your
calling! No offense
taken, Joe.

Bob Martin