Upcoming Events
* Walters Music Venue – Bill was impressed with his show.  Plan for Spring in 2024.
* Orangeville Theatre – Marty to look into schedule for next season.
* Forensic services Lab at UTM – tour request for 2024.
                * Aga Khan museum – to checkout on a Wed. 4-8pm.  Need to reserve
      * Bird Kingdom – Niagara Falls – tour.  Will check further.
* Apotex tour.
* Little Canada tour/lunch.
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If one of these possible events particularly appeals to you, let the Events team know. They are more likely to follow up on popular choices.

Tuesday, March 12/24 at 11am

See a presentation by the trainers and the dogs in training at the Lions Foundation of Canada facilities, Oakville.

* The tour will include a demonstration of the dog hearing program and a tour of the facility.  A question period will follow.  The event will take 1 to 2 hours.

* Signup will be at the Club monthly meeting on February 8/24.  There will be limit of 30 people in total – spouses included.

* Location is the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide at 152 Wilson St. in Oakville. where there is 2 hour parking on the street.

* For further information, go to dogguides.com

* If Interested please contact Bill Halliwell at
HYPERLINK "mailto:bill1725@aol.com" bill1725@aol.com