The Probus Men’s Supper Club group meets every month to enjoy a quality meal while socializing with other members.  Each person will select from the menu as they please and pay their own bill.  The Convenor (Mohan Damie) will simply make a reservation to accommodate all those who will be coming each month and be sure that everyone attending is introduced to all the others.

Men’s Supper Club outings will be on the first Wednesday of each month.  They will be held at different restaurants chosen by the members, and at starting times announced by the Convenor (in his monthly broadcast invitation).

Most outings will be suppers.  During the winter, if the majority so prefers, some gatherings may be held as lunches.

Everyone is encouraged to give Men’s Supper Club a try. To receive an invitation each month, you must be on the Convenor’s roster.  There is no obligation to attend every month, but we are looking forward to a regular group having fun, discovering new “favourite restaurants”, making new friends, and enjoying excellent conversations. 

To be added to the group’s invitation roster, please contact the Convenor Mohan Damie.  Just use the link provided on the Men’s Supper Club web page.  Mohan will add your contact information to his monthly invitation list.

Please register now and get an invitation to our next outing!

How to submit a report
One email with pictures and reports will make it to both the newsletter and the website.
Please submit them as soon as possible.
Photos and videos from more than one member are OK.
Send to: