The PROBUS Club of Applewood
Dinner Club A meets the 1st Tuesday of each month
Dinner Club B meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month
Dinner Club C meets the 4th Tuesday of each month
Dinner Club D meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month
Dinner Club E meets the 1st Wednesday of each month
Dinner Clubs F meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month
Dinner Club G meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Dinner Club H meets the 4th Wednesday of each month
Dinner Club J meets the 3rd Thursday of each month
Dinner Club k meets the 4th Thursday of each month
Dinner group “C” enjoyed dinner at Orbit Restaurant on Dundas E late April.

The food was OK, but I give the ambiance a 3 out of 5.

Wallas Khella
C - April 2022
A&J - May 2022
Probus Dinner Club A &J joined together to have a wonderful evening at the Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro. The last time we were together was in December, so everyone was excited to renew acquaintances. The banter between Denis and Carolyn Bailey, Gil and Frances Clay, John and Anne Allan, John Mark and Bob Martin did not stop the whole evening.

At 9:30 we had to tear ourselves away. We all said we were looking forward to the June meeting, which may be the last for our group this term.

We highly recommend the Mediterranean Bistro. The food was excellent and Kevin looked after us well.

Bob Martin
M - May 2022
Dinner Club M celebrated their May dinner on May 26 at Saucy Restaurant in Streetsville. Saucy's is located at 111 Queen St S in Streetsville (905-542-9600).

Attending the dinner were John and Elsa Bedell, Joyce Reissner, Dianne Stephens, Fran Corkill, Ray and Anne Thompson,  and Doug Cleland. Marion Rogers was unable to attend. The dinner was arranged by Doug and Mary Cleland.

Saucy's had a very interesting menu for appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts, and a very nice wine list. Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and nobody left hungry. In fact, I took home a doggie bag for the first time.

The service was excellent and the prices were reasonable. All in all a wonderful experience.
As usual our group had several lively discussions on a number of interesting subjects.. We are a close group.

We will definitely go back. and recommend it for other groups. 

Doug Cleland
Dinner Groups B&D had a wonderful evening at Piattos on Dundas street on May 24. Food and company were excellent and included a special celebration for Ron Kawchuk whose 75th birthday coincided with our regular date.

Also of note was host, Peter Delves, who at the time was a week short of his 88th.
B&D - May 2022
A&J- June 2022
Members of the conjoint Dinner Club A and J met on Tuesday, June 28, at ViBo Restaurant, located in central Etobicoke at 2995 Bloor Street West.

In a previous incarnation the restaurant was known as Villa Borghese, but it continues with its traditional Italian theme.

Present were John and Anne Allan, Denis and Carolyn Bailey, Gil and Frances Clay, John Mark, Roy Hicks, and Bob Martin, who was accompanied by a guest, his sister-in-law, Kathy Baxter.

The restaurant serves a varied menu and in addition, offers several specialty dishes. The wine list is extensive and lists a variety of house wines, although they are expensive if ordered by the glass. The restaurant was busy when we attended and contained several groups celebrating both birthdays and recent graduations, so ambient noise was noticeable. However, it was minimized for our group, which was located separately in a back corner of the room.

We enjoyed lively conversation that was continuous throughout the meal. The staff were attentive and service was timely. The end of the meal was highlighted by Anne Allan, who presented us with packages of delicious shortbread cookies that she had obtained from a specialty shop in Orangeville (called Wicked Shortbread).

Denis Bailey
A&J- July 2022
We met on Tuesday, July 19 at 6:30 pm at the Keg Restaurant located across from Square One Mississauga Shopping Mall.

The evening started off with the waitress commenting on John’s Hawaiian shirt and all started laughing and got everyone in a good mood.

The restaurant interior was nicely decorated which added to the pleasant ambience. The food was very good and other guests eating around us made the atmosphere very lively and enjoyable.

This was the last outing for this extended group and we were sad to end such a good night.

Present were Denis and Carolyn Bailey, Gil and Frances Clay, John and Cathy Mark, Roy Hicks, Bob Weese, Bob Martin, with guest Kathy Baxter.

Anne and John Allen, Len Carter and Don Gibson could not attend.
H - September 2022
Members of the newly- formed Dinner Club H had our inaugural group meeting on Wednesday, September 28, at the Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro. Six of our 7 member couples attended: Doug and Marilyn Johnston, Wallas and Cecile Khella, Rod and Sybil McLeod, Craig and Shirley Tyers, John and Susanne Bray, and Denis and Carolyn Bailey. Only Dick Neil and Sylvia Ferderber missed the occasion.

After introductions were made the group fell into easy and convivial conversation that last through the evening. Most of us selected our meal from the fixed price menu that included a choice of several appetizers and entrees and three desserts.  The food and the service were excellent. We uniformly chose the Crème brûlée for dessert, which by word-of-mouth had a well-deserved reputation. We all had a good time and look forward to our next group meeting.
A - October 2022
Group A had its inaugural dinner on Tuesday, October 4 at Merlot a French bistro on Bloor Street West at Royal York Road.  Of the 10 people in our group, 8 were able to participate – Ken and Linda Foxcroft, Peter and Joyce Delves, Bob Martin with his sister-in-law Cathy, Roy Hicks, and Bob Weese, the host.  Don and Brenda Gibson were unavailable.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the ambiance, the discussion, and the food.  The mussels and the calf liver with onions were among the tasty dishes, as was the crème caramel.
We took the opportunity to allocate hosting responsibilities for the remainder of the 2022-23 year.
Bob Weese
J - October 2022
Four couples enjoyed the our lunch-time "dinner" at the Thai Signature Restaurant, 203 Lakeshore E in Mississauga.  

We each ordered from the weekday lunch menu. It includes a choice of 3 soups or mango salad and an egg-roll in addition to a selection of 10 different mains. 

The service and food was excellent, though both the "basil" dishes were quite hot/spicy.

The restaurant was not crowded, and we were able to easily converse.

Ron Kawchuk
C - October 2022
Dinner Group C finally got around to enjoying our first dinner of the season. We went to Pulcinello Restaurante, on Lakeshore Rd.

The dinner was well attended by Lloyd and Pat Posno, John and Cathy Mark, George Renfrew and his daughter Meody, Bill and Vija Rivers, and was hosted by Joan and Mike Read.

The restaurant was very busy, considering it was a Tuesday night, and like many establishments in the service industry was short staffed. Our waiter explained this from the get-go, and told us he would do all possible to give us good service. He did a great job, and served us quite well. A variety of Italian dishes were enjoyed, various pastas, seafood stew, veal marsala, and chicken. All reported very favorably on the quality and the quantity of the dishes.

Prices were quite reasonable, for example, pasta dishes in the $20 range. One minor complaint, bread was an extra charge of $6.00 and the waiter offered it to each couple, there was a lot of waste, and personally, I find the charge for bread to be an annoyance.

All in all a good time, and I believe Dinner Group C would recommend Pulcinello"s on Lakeshore

Mike Read

Dinner Group H met October 27, 2022 at the Chelsea Restaurant in Port Credit for a sumptuous dinner served by the friendly owner Allan and prepared by his wife. The 4 couples who attended, seated around the square table, had the opportunity to exchange some travel stories, downsizing woes, future travel plans ..etc.
For those who have not been to the Chelsea, it is highly recommended for the good food, accessibility, reasonable prices and friendly service.

Sorry, no picture was taken

Wallas and Cecile Khella, and I believe Dinner Group C would recommend Pulcinello"s on Lakeshore

Mike Read
H - October 2022
K - Oct-Sept 2022
In September Dinner Group K enjoyed the delicious menu at the Chelsea Restaurant with Jack and Marie Doney hosting.  Alan made us all welcome  and although it was a small group  we had a  wonderful time visiting  and enjoying the good food.

Dinner Group K met at the Spoon and Fork on Dundas Street  in October with all  thirteen members present.  Elsa and John Bedell  were hosting and made everyone  welcome.  All agreed that the food was delicious, with a wide menu choice and moderate prices.

Mary Doney
A - November 2022
On Tuesday November 1st, six members of Dinner Club A descended on the Open Cork Restaurant, on Dundas Street just west of Highway 427.

Present were Roy Hicks, Bob Weese, Ken and Linda Foxcroft, Bob Martin, and his sister-in-law Kathy Baxter. We had a perfect table in a secluded area, just right for scintillating conversation. The food was great, and the service exceeded expectations. We asked our waitress if there was a problem getting staff, and she said no, because they hire international students to work for them.

I am sure this is a win/win for the restaurant and the students. We all agreed that we would recommend this moderately priced venue.

Bob Martin, Host
G - November 2022
Dinner Club H celebrated November at the Olive Press, a fine Italian restaurant, located in Oakville at 2322 Dundas Street West (905) 827-4241 on November 23rd.

Of the 14 people in our group, 8 were able to participate - Doug & Marilyn Johnston, Rod & Sybil McLeod, John & Susanne Bray and the host couple, Craig & Shirley Tyers.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the ambiance of the setting, the friendly dialogue and the fine cuisine. The portions of food were generous, resulting in some doggie bags going home. Our waitress was most pleasant, cheerful and accommodating.

We all had a fine time and look forward to our January "Dining Adventure". Best wishes, friends.


H - November 2022
Our group went to The Keg at Square One. We all enjoyed our meal and every one had a good time.

The ambience is very relaxing and comforting. The dinner was hosted by Gil and Frances Clay.

David Litner and Tom McAuliffe could not join us.

The restaurant was fairly busy for a Wednesday but the service was good.

Some of us took home leftovers

Gil Clay


J - January 2023
We had eight members present for lunch at the Mediterranean Bistro followed by dessert and coffee at the Metcalfe’s.
K - January 26, 2023
After much debate, I decided to take Dinner Group K to the Thyme Ristorante on Lakeshore Road East. 

It was a much smaller gathering than usual, as a very cherished member of our group passed away. We raised our glasses in memory of John Bedell.

The food was excellent as was the company.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to other groups that may be looking for a new venue.
E - January 18, 2023
Probus Dinner Club E met on Wed January 18 at the Open Cork Restaurant on Dundas St. In Mississauga.

Present were Victor and Mary Fornasier, Paul and Diane Walters, Brian and Joyce Mittler and hosted by Anne and John Allan. It was a very nice evening, with good food and conversation. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Our group met at Piatto's Bistro on Dundas Street.  We all enjoyed a lovely variety of dinners, good company and spirited conversation. We were disappointed to hear that the long expected closing of this fine restaurant will be in June. The site will be demolished and will be replaced by a condominium. Piatto's has served this community well for over thirty years and has always given fine service with cheerful and willing personnel. They will be missed. If you plan to say farewell to this wonderful Mississauga landmark, do it soon.
A - February 7, 2023
K - February 23, 2023
Ten of us gathered on a messy Thursday last to attend our monthly dinner held at Casalinga Ristorante located at 2057 Royal Windsor Drive (Corner of Southdown Road and Royal Windsor Drive).  The food was generous and delicious with a taste of Italy.  Most delightful was the fact the restaurant set us up with a table for ten with three chairs on each of two sides and two settings on the other two side . . . made for much better conversation versus the long narrow tables we usually find.

Elsa Bedell brought her friend Mary, a friend visiting from Trinidad.

Marion Rogers couldn't join us this month and Bob and Jane Whitehead declined our invitation - they thought vacationing in Costa Rica was a warmer idea. 

Thanks to our dinner companions for waiting while Anne and I shared a dessert.  Very kind and the dessert was very good
After weather delays for the second month in a row, Dinner Group H finally got together for their February meeting at The Apricot Tree Restaurant – on March 1st!.  The consensus was the food was good and tasty, the service friendly and efficient, and the desserts something to die for. Assembled around the table, taking a break from setting the world to rights are: Doug and Marilyn Johnston, Carolyn and Denis Bailey, Craig and Shirley Tyers, Sybil and Rod McLeod, Dick Nell and Sylvia Federber.

Doug Johnston
H - March 1, 2023
We dined at the Astoria Restaurant, where we enjoyed Greek salads and a variety of shishkabobs by an open fireplace.

We talked about English accents, Afgan refugee support activities, ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence research and writing app), travel (in Portugal), and Greek salads (should they contain tomatoes?). 

Our ratings for the meal, on a scale of 10, ranged from 6 to 8 averaging 7.5.
A - March 7, 2023
J - March 16, 2023
We decided last year to meet for lunch instead of dinner to avoid driving in the dark

Eleven of us met for lunch at Saucy's Restaurant  in Streetsville and all agreed that it was a great lunch in terms of ambiance and food.

We didn't solve any of the World's problems but everyone appeared to have a good time with lots of chatter.

Saucy's is certainly worth consideration for lunch or dinner.
Only a diminished number of our group attended the March 22 meeting at Merlot Restaurant. The food and service were excellent. We were seated a small table near the rear of the restaurant, where the ambience was pleasant and our conversation was audible.

Our appreciation of the dinner was enhanced by our partaking of the restaurant’s Wednesday special on half-priced bottles of wine (hic!).

Denis Bailey
H - March 22, 2023
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