Dinner Clubs

Dinner Club A meets the 1st Tuesday of each month

Dinner Club B meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month
Dinner Club C meets the 4th Tuesday of each month
Dinner Club D meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month
Dinner Club E meets the 1st Wednesday of each month
Dinner Clubs F meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month
Dinner Club G meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Dinner Club H meets the 4th Wednesday of each month
Dinner Club J meets the 3rd Thursday of each month
Dinner Club k meets the 4th Thursday of each month
This is one of the best attended regular social activities in our club with almost half of our members and their spouses or partners participating. We currently have 11 groups meeting monthly at nearby restaurants. This is a great activity to meet and socialize with other members of Applewood PROBUS as well as to experience new places to eat. In turn, group members host the others at a restaurant they have previously visited. Afterwards, the host sends a note to the Applecore to comment on the experience and advise if he would or would not recommend the restaurant to others. We publish a list of those recommendations annually. It should be noted that joining a group does not require attendance at every monthly outing. Anyone wishing to join a group meeting on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening should contact Roy Hicks.
How to submit a report
One email with pictures and reports will make it to both the newsletter and the website.
Please submit them as soon as possible.
Photos and videos from more than one member are OK.
Send to: applepro805@gmail.com
A - June 4, 2024

Our group meet for our last dinner on June 4th. Unlike the original last supper we did not recline on the floor but instead sat in very comfortable seats in a lovely private area of The Bramble Gastropub in The Kingsway. The private area provided an environment conducive to good conversation.

In the picture are Bob Weese, Joyce and Peter Delves, Linda and Ken Foxcroft, Roy Hicks, Bob Martin, Brenda and Don Gibson.

Don Gibson
J- May 17 , 2024

For the 1st time in a very long while, 13 of us went to SOLSTICE, an Italian restaurant in CLARKSON. 

At one time Solstice was the  preferred location for Applewood Probus special dinner events.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals.  Quality was excellent, portions were generous, service was prompt, and the bright decor has been updated from what we remember.

Definately worth a visit, esp. if you have not been there for a while !Bob Weese

Ron Kawchuk

E - April 17, 2024

After a one-month hiatus, due entirely to a communications fumble on the part of certain newbies, Dinner Group E sampled the menu at Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro on the evening of April 17. The verdict from Victor and Mary Fornasier, Brian and Joyce Mittler, Judy and Stu Hutchison, Don and Myrna Hendry: Delectable!
(The Walters and Allans were unable to make it.)
By happy coincidence, another Applewood Probus group had also chosen the Clarkson Bistro on that evening. Dinner Group E won the bun fight.

Don Hendry
A - April 2, 2024

Dinner Group A met on Tuesday, April 2 at Rogues Restaurant, a lovely Italian
restaurant on Dundas Street West just east of Erin Mills Parkway.

Several of us had dined there before, but not for some years. We were a smaller group than usual – Bob Martin, Kathy Baxter, Ken and Linda Foxcroft, Roy Hicks, and host Bob Weese. Don and Brenda Gibson and Peter and
Joyce Delves were not able to join us.

We each started with soup, salad or muscles and followed up, in most cases, with an
interesting pasta course. Many enjoyed a glass of the red wine recommended by the Foxcrofts’ wine importer son, a lovely Lotus from California.

A good time was had by all!

Bob Weese

G - March  2024

On Wed. Mar. 20, Dinner Group G met at Peter’s on Eglinton.

We all enjoyed our meals and everybody carried a doggy bag home with leftovers.

The nice big windows provided light for most of the night which made the ambiance enjoyable.

The host was Gil and Frances Clay.

Gil Clay
J - February  2024

Dinner Group J met on Thursday, February 15 at The Open Cork Restaurant, hosted by Brian and Gladys Howitt.

We all enjoyed our surroundings and delicious meals, while discussing various topics

Present were Bruce and Ester Calder, Ron and Andrea Kawchuk, Barry and Alverna Metcalfe, Eric and Brenda Smith, Bill and Lea Halliwell
Absent were Allison and Reg Perkin and Susanne Bray who had other commitments.

Brian Howitt
H - January  2024

Five members of Group H enjoyed a lunch rather than a dinner at La Scala Ristorante, 2601 Matheson Blvd. We chose to have a lunch rather than a dinner because of the unpredictable winter weather and the difficulty driving in dark evenings.

The attending members were Rod and Sybil McLeod, Denis and Carolyn Bailey, and Craig Tyers. Craig’s wife Shirley was absent hosting a book club. Also unable to join us were Doug and Marilyn Johnston and Bob and Sharon Topping.

The food was delicious and the service was friendly and efficient. We were seated in a quiet corner of the restaurant that made conversation easy. We had a wide-ranging discussion that included international affairs and foreign travel, particularly to Portugal.

Denis Bailey
J - Janurary 2024
Dinner Club J met for lunch on Thursday, January 14 at the Royal Windsor Pub in Oakville. We enjoyed good food, specials, and lots of stimulating conversation in our private room. The price was very reasonable. It was very nice to see Susanne Bray back with us.

Doug Johnston
H - November 2023
The Johnston's had carefully selected The Maharajah Restaurant because, when visited to check it out, it had a quiet warm ambience to savour some Indian cuisine.  Lo and behold when we arrived for the Dinner Club on Nov 22nd, they were providing live music, Indian style.  Nevertheless, the Mcleods, The Toppings, Baileys and Johnstons enjoyed the evening, although the Tyers had to cancel at the last moment.

If Indian cuisine is attractive to you, this restaurant is worth the visit, but if you are not into spices, it is probably advisable to avoid it.  And it may be worthwhile to check in advance to see if live music will be on the menu!

Doug Johnston
A - November 2023
Dinner Group A met on Tuesday, November 7 at Michael's Back Door Restaurant on Lakeshore Road.  As many Applewood Probians will know, this comfortable and classy Italian restaurant has been owned and operated by the same family for over 40 years.  We were nine happy diners -- Peter and Joyce Delves, Ken and Linda Foxcroft, Don and Brenda Gibson, Bob Martin, Roy Hicks, and host Bob Weese.  Kathy Baxter, Bob Martin's sister-in-law, was on her way back from South Africa.  A good time was had by all.  Some of us took advantage of the Wild Game menu -- the kangaroo risotto was a big hit!

Bob Weise

B - October 2023

Our October 17th dinner group B was whittled down to 2 couples, the Posnos and the Marks, due to vacations and sicknesses within the group.
Casalinga was our choice and a pleasant time was experienced with food and a wonderfull waitress.
Both couples recommend Casalinga at Southdown and Royal Windsor Drive.

John Mark
H - October 2023

Although diminished because several of our group were dealing with medical issues, three couples enjoyed the ambience and food at Solstice Restaurant.  We were able to welcome Bob and Susan Topping to our group and catch up with the Tyers and Johnston's exploits. Our waiter was attentive and helpful explaining with patience and humour how to pronounce some items on the menu, and the food met everyone's discerning palates.  While unable to solve the world's problems, we did explore the legacy of laughter and brilliance acquired from a good Scottish ancestry.
J - October 2023

Probus Lunch Group J met on October 25, 2023 at the Brampton Mandarin, hosted by Reg and Alison Perkin.  Present were Bruce and Ester Calder, Ron and Andrea Kawchuk, Barry and Alverna Metcalfe, Bill and Lea Halliwell, Brian and Gladys Howitt.  Brenda Smith was ill so she and Eric were absent. Susanne Bray was busy arranging the Celebration of Life for her recently departed husband John, an event at Glenerin Inn which all of our group will attend on October 26th.

As always the food at the Mandarin was plentiful and delicious, the service excellent and the cost modest.  We had arranged seating at two tables for six in a quiet area at the rear of one of the rooms, so conversation was easy and much enjoyed.  Net result:  we ended up staying for over two hours. Highly recommended. – Reg Perkin
G -  October 18, 2023

Dinner Group G met at at Posticino Restaurant on the Queensway October 18th.
The food and wine was well received. Seafood fans enjoyed both smelt and Arctic Char.

A -  October 3, 2023

Probus Dinner Group A met on Tuesday October 3rd at Simply Thai on Bloor Street, just west of Runnymede. In attendance were Roy Hicks, Peter and Joyce Delves, Ken and Linda

Foxcroft, Bob Martin, and Kathy Baxter, Bob’s sister-in-law. The food was wonderful, and even those who were unfamiliar with Thai food, discovered a new taste sensation.

Good food, and great camaraderie was had by all.

Bob Martin
H -  September 25, 2023

Dinner Club H, although somewhat diminished by illnesses among our roster, had a very enjoyable evening on September 25th at the Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro.  The Johnstons and Mcleods guided by our hosts the Tyers’ caught up after a summer hiatus, thought positive thoughts about the Blue Jays, the opening of the hockey season, added  a few tall tales and had a great time.  The food was excellent as was the service and ambience.

J -  September 5, 2023

12 of us enjoyed long conversations and a wide variety of well prepared lunch dishes at the Mediteranian Bistro in Clarkson on Sept 21.

We had to wait quite some time for our food as the restaurant was surprisingly very busy including another chatty group of 17 seated nearby and the kitchen was  understaffed for the 1st hour.

Overall a great restaurant, extensive menu, reasonable prices, and good service, lovely presentation, but things may be a tad slow, depending.
A -  September 5, 2023

We gathered at Flame Food + Design in the Bloor West Village where Serhai, the owner,  explained the unique attributes of Anatolian food before we made our choices. We all enjoyed various kabobs, and shareable Bad Apple (eggplant and yogurt)  and salad appetizers.  Definitely, we give the restaurant a thumbs up and would caution diners sensitive to hot food to pay attention to the spicing.
G -  July 19, 2023

On Wednesday,July 19,Group 'G' celebrated Summer by having a BBQ in the back garden of Tom and Cam McAuliffe. Everyone pitched in bringing appetizers,main course and dessert.

In attendance were our leader David  and Louise Litner,our hosts Tom and Cam McAuliffe,Norm and Gail Rutenberg, Don and Barb Taylor,Bill and Gail Jones,Marty and Frances Wanat, Gil and Frances Clay and guests Bruce and Ester Calder.

Judging from the comments after tne event it was a very successful BBQ get together.

"Thanks for a great afternoon in your beautiful backyard.The beef was delicious and the ice cream galore was fabulous.
All the tasty contributions from everyone added so much to the meal."

"Thanks so much for hosting the BBQ. It was a super event and everyone had a great time.Your beautiful backyard certainly provides a great atmosphere for enjoyment."

"Another smashing party. We really enjoyed the BBQ.  --  great tenderloin  --  .congrats to the cook."

Tom McAuliffe.
J -  July 20, 2023

Bruce and Ester Calder offered their  garden for our luncheon on July 20th.
We met at  12 noon.
5 couples  were present, and  to our delight, there was no threat of rain.
Barry Metclfe was the BBQ master.
Thanks for the contributions to our luncheon  from our group's members. 
No pictures, but we all enjoyed the afternoon.

Bruce Calde
G -  Jun 21, 2023

We celebrated the longest day of the year and the first day of summer (June 21) by eating at La Scala Restaurant.

Everybody enjoyed the meal and we had a good conversation and great service.
As we left the restaurant, we could see a beautiful sunset on the horizon, ending a great day.

A -  Jun 6, 2023

The Probus Dinner Club had a wonderful meal at Vibo Restaurant on Bloor Street in the Kingsway on June 6th.  The food, service and company were excellent.  Our next dinner will be in September.

Barry Metcalf