The Probus Triva group plays on the second Wednesday of each month, starting at 10:00 am until about 11:00 am.
The group connects once a month using Zoom.

Trivia participants are presented with short lists of questions on a wide range of topics. Usually each set of 10 questions pertains to a broad area such as science, sports, entertainment, or whatever. Everyone records their own answers, and at the end of each set of ten, they self-mark their results. Getting correct answers is the nominal objective, but laughter, and chatting among the group is a big part of the experience. Some members' wives participate with their husbands.

Everyone is welcome to give Probus Trivia a try. To be included on the game invitation each month, (and to receive the necessary Zoom link), you must be on the Convenor’s roster. To give Triva a try, please contact the Convenor Ron Linklater. He will add your contact information to his invitation list. Just use the link provided on the Triva Game web page.

How to submit a report
One email with pictures and reports will make it to both the newsletter and the website.
Please submit them as soon as possible.
Photos and videos from more than one member are OK.
Send to: