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Investments - November 2021
The Probus Investment Group had their monthly meeting on the 24th November.
There was a lively discussion among the eight participants!
First up was a macroeconomics look at what is happening on a global level and more importantly how it will affect investments. Topics discussed included inflation, whether it's transitory or here to stay, are we in for a recession and interest rate increases. The consensus was we will be in choppy waters for the next several months.
What followed was a discussion on whether we are a bear or bull market with most sitting on the fence.
Most participants were conservative investors and tended to hold blue chip dividend stocks.
Banks and utilities were popular picks, with 2022 looking positive for these two sectors.
There were several comments on having REITS as a part of a portfolio.

The next meeting is January 26th at 10am via Zoom. All are welcome to join. Contact to sign up