The PROBUS Club of Applewood
Gold Conveners Honorarium
In honour of the hard work put in by our Golf Conveners over the years, here is a list of past and present:
Year Convener Course
2006 Don Steen Hidden Lake
2007 Don Steen Hidden Lake
2008 Mike Preston Hidden Lake
2009 Mike Preston Saw Whet
2010 Mike Preston Saw Whet
2011 Pete Foreman Saw Whet
2012 Pete Foreman Saw Whet
2013 Bill Jones Saw Whet
2014 Bill Jones Millcroft
2015 Hugh Clelland Millcroft
2016 Hugh Clelland Millcroft
2017 Bruce Calder Millcroft
2018 Bruce Calder Millcroft
2019 Joe Reid Millcroft
2020 Joe Reid Millcroft
2021-22 John Spence Lakeview
Mt Nemo
2023 Garry Jenkins Mt Nemo
Thanks from all golf members
Ron Schramm May 15, 2007 Hidden Lake New Course Hole 11, 108 yards
Stew McGillivray August 19, 2008 Hidden Lake New Course Hole 17, 145 yards
Bob Buckner August 9,2016 Millcroft Hole 11, 117 yards
Golf June 2023

The 2023 season is well underway.  We currently golf at Mount Nemo and Lakeview golf courses on alternate weeks.
You do not need to be a great golfer (unlike many of us), just want to come out, hit a few balls (or in some cases many balls), and have fun with everyone else.  After the game stay for some refreshments and share your exploits with a pint or two.
If you are interested in golfing this season, it is not too late.  Contact the golf convenor, Garry Jenkins, through the Applewood Probus website.
Hope to see you on the course shortly.
Golf at Lakeview June 20, 2023
The annual Probus golf tournament was held this year on Tuesday. September 26, 2023 at the Mount Nemo Golf Club.  Twenty 23 golfers teed off and 2 others joined us for the lunch that followed.
A round of best ball was played.  Each member shot a ball and the best was selected to be shot next.  Each golfer had to have a least 3 tee shots during the round.  Scores ranged from 64 to 78.  The top 3 teams were between 64 and 67.  A close game.
Tournament winners were the team of Steve Jones, Bill Rivers, Tony Hart and Garry Jenkins.  As usual the overall winners were everyone who came out on a warm early fall day to share fun and fellowship with other Probus friends
Lunch followed at the golf club.  Choices of Sausage, Hamburger or Pulled Pork and a salad were available followed by apple crisp and ice cream.
Golf will continue while weather permits through October.
Would you like to be part of this group next season.  You can let me know now and I will add you to the list, or you can wait until mid-February when plans are being formulated.
Garry Jenkins
Golf Convenor
Applewood Probus 2023 Annual Golf Tournament
Any member interested in joining our group for play in the 2022 season is very welcome and should click below to contact:
Convener - Garry Jenkins