Upcoming Speakers
William Arthur Humber, C.M. - Sports Historian - Author

Talk Title: Canadian Baseball History

May 9, 2024

Bill Humber has knocked Canadian sports history out of the park. The first baseball
historian and researcher to be both invested into the Order of Canada and inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, he has uncovered the origins of our country’s deep-
rooted, yet largely forgotten, history with the game, which predates hockey by several

An enthusiastic educator, he founded and has taught the Baseball Spring Training for Fans course for more than 40 years. He has also authored numerous groundbreaking books on sports and is a sought-after speaker and media presenter throughout North America.

Andrew Miller - Urbanist, Futurist, and Mobility Specialist

Talk Title: The Cities of Tommorow

June 13, 2024

What are the principal problems facing cities today, and can technology help to solve them? Using Internet-enabled technology, sensors and cameras, and cloud computing, advocates believe that new urban systems can transform existing urban areas into "smart cities", thereby lowering housing prices; reducing congestion; eliminating greenhouse-gas emissions; and more.  Critics contend that such approaches are, at best, costly exercises that make urban infrastructure more brittle.  At worst, they are attempts to make the personal public, and transform personal data into commodities that enrich private business.  Who is right in this debate? What, if anything, can technology do to improve our cities? What will cities look like in the future? Andrew Miller will tour these questions and their answers.

From 2018 to 2020 Andrew was the Toronto mobility lead for Sidewalk Labs, the Google smart-city arm.  He is a noted speaker: in 2023 alone, Andrew was a panelist for the Canadian Automated Vehicles Conference, and a keynote speaker for Intelligent Cities Canada and the annual congress of the Urban Development Institute of Australia.  He has provided private briefings on the future of mobility to the senior leadership of General Motors; Transport Canada; and the Advanced Research Institute of Japan (autonomous mobility division).  He lives in Lakeview, Mississauga

Diana Trepkov - Forensic Artist, Author, Lecturer

Talk Title: Forensic Art As Used in Identification

August 8, 2024

Forensic art is the artistic technique used in the identification, apprehension/conviction of a wanted person. This person may not necessarily be a criminal, but could be a missing person or an unidentified deceased person. These forensic art images can be admissible in a court of law. 
In this presentation, Ms Trepkov will speak about the remarkable 1845 lost Franklin expedition and how one of the members was identified and this was published in the New York Times News! She will also talk about missing loved ones and why this career is so important not only to her but to all victims of crime.

Diana P. Trepkov is a Forensic Artist, Author, Lecturer, Creator, Producer & Host of a Podcast, “Can I Help Find Your Missing Loved One?".  She started off her career volunteering at the Durham Rape Crisis center to help victims of crime.  Throughout Canada and the United States, she has been an artist for many years now and has been involved in 247 law enforcement cold cases to date, which involved her forensic artwork techniques.

Ms. Trepkov has helped to solve high profile cases in the United States. She is an author of six books: one is a forensic art book ($45.00) and 4 of them are children’s safety and motivational books ($25.00 each). The latest one is a genuine book about her life and how she overcame so many obstacles!  

Her newest book, No Time For B.S. Just Go For It and Kick Ass!, was just released!