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December 2022 - No Meeting - No Speakers
Speaker - John Collins
February 9  2023
Title:  Living your Dreams in Retirement
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Upcoming Speakers
Speakers - Nicolas Roulx and Guillaume Moreau
January 12  2023  Via Zoom
Traversing Canada From North to South

In 2021, Quebecers Nicolas Roulx and Guillaume Moreau successfully accomplished
what no one had ever attempted before: to cross Canada in the North-South axis,
strictly by human power. Starting from the northernmost island of the country
(Ellesmere), they skied, canoed and cycled for 234 days to cross the 7600 km separating
them from their goal, their final destination, in the extreme south of Canada. This
unique journey, punctuated by blizzards, polar bears, animal attacks, broken
equipment, serious injuries, fear and doubt, ranks among the longest wilderness
expeditions in Canadian history. A refreshing and daring journey according to many, far
from the traditional and well known routes to the geographic poles and Everest.

Profoundly transformative and well covered by the media, the expedition proved to be
more challenging than anticipated. Almost nothing went as planned. The expedition was
named Expedition of the Year in 2021 by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and
was ranked as the 3rd most significant expedition in the world that same year by
Explorers Web magazine. The two adventurers were also ambassadors for the Banff
Mountain Film Festival in 2022.

The feat that Nicolas and Guillaume accomplished involves the same challenges found in any organization or a company, where each team member must align his or her personal aspirations (career advancement, personal fulfillment, realization of his or her full potential) with the group's common goal. This interpersonal synergy is crucial for crossing a polar desert and coming back unscathed, as well as for reaching professional goals or solving all kinds of unexpected problems. Our professional, convincing and spectacularly visual conference is designed to energize your members, to make them aware of their responsibility and their power to influence and act within the environment in which they are invested. In the end, whether in business or on an expedition to the most remote parts of the world, success is first and foremost a matter of mental disposition.
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