The PROBUS Club of Applewood
On November 21 the Mixed Bridge Group held its annual year-end luncheon; because Mixed Bridge was suspended due to Covid, this event became our 2022 kick-off luncheon.  It was well attended with 17 couples present.  Those attending enjoyed socializing, excellent food, and of course bridge. 

At the luncheon, our group discussed how to conduct the 2022 season safely in a Covid world.  The following guidelines were agreed:

1.  The 2022 bridge season will be set up as usual, including games with new combinations of couples where possible.

2.  The host for each game will contact the guest couple to arrange a playing date and time as usual.  However, two additional questions will be discussed:
...... a:  Are you comfortable visiting our home, or would you like to play online?  (Allen, as Convenor will send out instructions on how to play online.)
...... b:  If we are playing in person, would you prefer that we all wear masks?

3.  To keep the cards as clean as possible, no snacks will be served at the bridge table.  (A snack may be served before or after the game.)

As always, the Mixed Bridge Group would welcome and hopes to recruit more mixed bridge couples.  Please encourage your bridge-playing Probus friends to attend.  Any couple with some experience playing bridge is encouraged to join our group.  Knowing the rules and mechanics of the game, plus some basic experience, are all that is necessary.   Please check our Probus web page for more details on style of play, etc.

To help fellow Probus members and their spouses learn how to play bridge, the club has agreed to poll members' interest in introductory bridge lessons.  If enough prospective players are keen, we will attempt to arrange a short series of introductory sessions, likely with a professional bridge teacher.  Watch for more information as the club progresses in exploring this idea.

Current Mixed Bridge players, and prospective new couples interested in playing are invited to contact Allen Woolfrey ( for any information required, and if interested, to be added to his roster and game schedule (being created in December) for the 2022 season.
Applewood Probus Mixed Bridge Group held its annual wind-up luncheon party at The Credit Valley Golf and Country Club on Sunday, November 20, 2022.

We had 12 couples in attendance.

The food this year was outstanding, served with sparkle and style at four white-clothed tables of six places each. 

Lloyd and Pat Posno were awarded the trophy for the highest scores for the year. 

Lloyd Posno and Elsa Bedell were awarded the  prize for the highest men’s and women’s scores for the year respectively.

Judy Hutcheson won the prize for the highest individual score for the games played after lunch at the party.

Paul Moore
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