The Mixed Bridge club is an activity for all levels of bridge players.

We use a bridge method called “Chicago", whereby the partnership is either vulnerable or not vulnerable on a particular deal. The score is recorded for each hand, and the totals are sent to the Convener.

The format is simple.  A schedule is sent to you in January for the whole year. There are 9 sessions, one in each month except for November and December, with one session for July/August. Each month, according to the game schedule, one couple hosts one other couple at their house. This is usually arranged by a phone call or email.  Typically the hosts provide only light refreshments such as tea, coffee and/or wine, and perhaps a light dessert.

Because many of us travel throughout the year, it is not strictly necessary to play your assigned games in the exact month indicated.  It is important however to complete and report all of the games assigned within a reasonable time.

At the end of the year, the group normally holds a celebratory luncheon to get everyone together socially, to celebrate our playing successes, to award prizes for high scores, and to contemplate and set up for the coming new season.

If all of this sounds confusing, have no worries.  Newcomers to Mixed Bridge can rely on current members to keep everything on track.  Our goals are fun and fellowship!!

How to submit a report
One email with pictures and reports will make it to both the newsletter and the website.
Please submit them as soon as possible.
Photos and videos from more than one member are OK.
Send to:

The Probus Mixed Bridge Windup 2023 was held on November 12 2023 at The Craftsman party room.  Arrangements for the room, room setup, and the pot-luck lunch was coordinated by Alverna Metcalfe, who did a terrific job as everyone present agreed.

There were 12 couples present, which made a convenient six tables for 12 hands of post-lunch bridge.

The winners of the year's prizes for the highest scores for the 2023 season were:

High couple:  Barry and Alverna Metcalfe
High male:  Len Carter
High female:  Jan Woolfrey

The prize for the player with the highest score in the post-lunch bridge was awarded to Pat Posno (photo).

All commented that it was a successful windup event. Stu Hutcheson has graciously agreed to be the 2024 Probus Mixed Bridge Co-ordinator.

Thank you to everyone for their support during my tenure in this role for the past three years.

Allen Woolfrey