The PROBUS Club of Applewood
in Mississauga
On Thursday, 24 th October, 2019, 42 Applewood Probians including guests and members from 2 other Probus Clubs enjoyed a sunny trip to Cambridge for an enjoyable lunch at the Cambridge Mill Restaurant experiencing outstanding food service.

Next, our driver Bernice, gathered us up and after a short 5 minute drive got us to the theatre on time. Many of us had not been to the Hamilton Family Theater before and we remarked on the layout and seating facilities in this new theatre. The musical Annie, a Drayton Theatre Production, was outstanding and was enjoyed by all with the cast receiving a standing ovation at the conclusion.

All were in good spirits on the trip home, especially after John passed out the Halloween candies that Cathy had packed. This scored a new record in candy consumption on any of our past bus trips.

See you all next year, don't miss out on a great trip next year.

John Mark
"Annie" the Play